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Typography has been recognized from, and dated back, to the early years of human civilization. Initially, it existed in the form of stone carvings, and then expanded with the innovation brought by the invention of brushes and canvas. It was further popularized through the art of sketching and calligraphy. However, the advent of digitization has caused a paradigm shift in the world of typography.

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PRE-DIGITAL TYPE Technologies Woodblock printing, 220 AD Wooden font molds, 1800s Handwriting and calligraphy, 3200 BC Photo-type setting, 1950s Movable type letterpress printing, 1040 AD Continuous casting, 1890s

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DIGITAL TYPOGRAPHY (Mid 1980s – Present) Outline (vector) fonts Bitmap (raster) fonts

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Innovations in computers era provided a boost to typography, where designers started applying bitmaps and vectors with the help of advanced tools like, RoboFont FontLab Glyphs

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Notice Tech Agencies And Corporations Are Moving From Conventional Typography to Digital typography

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Font-asy of Tech Companies Let's Have A Look At How Digital Fonts Are Being Used By Leading Tech Companies

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The largest South Korean company making electronics, Samsung, uses the font Helvetica Black with a modification to the “A”.

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In 2002, Apple started using a variant of the Adobe Myriad font in its marketing. The text changed from the serif Apple Garamond to the sans-serif Myriad Apple.

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The Google wordmark is based on the Catull typeface, an old style serif typeface designed by Gustav Jaeger for the Berthold Type Foundry in 1982.

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The Toshiba logo uses the Eurostile® typeface. In 2002, the iconic “Toshiba logotype” was given a red color and was made the official emblem of Toshiba Group.

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Microsoft's new logo is in Segoe. It is their first logo change since 1987 and it certainly feels fresher than their aging mark in Helvetica Bold Italic.

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Amazon.com chose the book and bold weights of the ITC Officina Sans family when it's logo was created.

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The Sony logo has incorporated the modified form of Clarendon typeface. However, the use of black color in the logo symbolizes perfection, elegance, integrity and the illustrious history of the brand.

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The font used in the HP logo is simple and presented in italic. It comes into view vertically, in a bold and unique manner, capturing the entire concentration and appreciation of the viewer.

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Take Away Small businesses should become accustomed to this trend sooner rather than later, and adapt a strategy of using technological font styles on their websites and promotional materials.

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