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The ins and outs of Onboarding All aboard!

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22% of downloaded apps are only used once Onboarding

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Form Follows Function Onboarding Experience Needs to Fit the Complexity of the Application

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3 basic onboarding techniques

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Tutorial How things work

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Better to show how to do stuff

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Walkthrough Cause joyrides are fun

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I want my stuff now!

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We don’t want this

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This is better

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But why not get the content to the user straight from the start?

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Make it fun – or at least painless

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Convert while the iron is hot

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Social login helps

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Though some people are concerned about their privacy

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Let the user be the messenger

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Progressive onboarding Day 1: welcome message Day 3: subscription reminder Day 5: register email Day 45: upgrade plan

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Test your assumptions

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Thank you.