Planning For Design

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Planning for design

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Ian Cox SVP, Delivery [email protected]! twi"er: @iancox

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Design is for people Projects are about people

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“Group improvisa!on is a challenge. Aside from the weighty technical problem of collec!ve coherent thinking, there is the very human, even social need for sympathy from all members to bend for the common result.” Bill Evans

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So what people do you need?

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Interac!on Designer Visual Designer UI Developer Project Manager Product Manager

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Le# Brain Right Brain Logical Sequen!al Simultaneous Literal Cri!cal Thinking Intui!ve Visual Op!mizing Genera!ve Analyzing Design Thinking Holis!c image source: h"ps:/ /

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Design is a mess image source: Jason Fried:

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The Specialist source: IMBD

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The Generalist image source:

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The Compartmentalist image source:

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Specialists Generalists Compartmentalists source:

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Partner with Specialists Hire Generalists Grow Compartmentalists source:

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Engagement Models image source: source:

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Welcome to the Future!

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Uncertainty is Reality

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We’re in this… …together image source:

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Fix… …Fixed

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Fixed Agile? psst: it doesn't work source:

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Con!ngency Budget

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so you’ve got a team, now what?

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Which techniques? mood board pattern library interactive prototype paper prototype findings tracking system static wireframes competitive report content inventory user journeys system map comprehensive designs flowcharts personas

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It depends on the expected outcomes Ideate Validate Design Planning whiteboard paper prototype A/B Aesthe!cs test product roadmap paper sketching user tes!ng Mood boards compe!!ve research photography surveys design thinking SWOT chare"e product canvas customer journey Tech planning brainstorm interac!ve prototypes

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Choose comfort and competence over complexity image source:

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Speed over fidelity image source:

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Start lo-fi to validate, then hi-fi to iterate Feature Invalid Feature Lo-fi prototype Valid Hi-fi prototype Build Production

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Sta!c Wireframes are most common… source:

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…but interac!ve prototypes are most effec!ve 3rd party Developers and Engineers Internal Mgmt source:

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One Deliverable mood board interactive prototype static wireframes pattern library paper prototype competitive report user journeys findings tracking system content inventory comprehensive designs flowcharts system map from many work products personas

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what do you know about your product?

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Product Design Project Plan • Time-box your up-front research • Let your product assump!ons and hypotheses guide your design tes!ng schedule • Everyone works together… • Real-!me communica!on tools

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Visual Designer UX Designer Project Manager UI Developer

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Avoid • Siloed working • Big reveals* • Weekly check-in habit - a week is a long !me to be away from your product *does anyone like surprises when budgets/reputa!ons are involved, really?

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Example: Marke!ng site redesign

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Example: Marketplace design

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and whatever you do, plan in advance for tes!ng

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Iden!fy services that can help User Tes!ng Voice of the Customer

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Wrap-up • Build a team of specialists and generalists • Flexible engagement models with partners (internal/ external) • Stash some cash - you’ll need it • Choose design techniques based on the ques!ons you're trying to answer about your product • Everyone works together - tear down that wall!

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About cantina • Boston-based digital design and development agency • Founded in 2007, 60+ employees • We help clients like Putnam Investments, John Hancock, CUNA Mutual Group, Epsilon, and Pearson deliver be"er digital products for their customers • Can!na’s people turn great ideas into digital reality, execu!ng with the best design and development techniques available

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