Affordable Visual Marketing Techniques For Pharmacy Startups

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Affordable Visual Marketing Techniques For Pharmacy Startups

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Are you starting your own pharmacy?

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Got a limited budget?

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Don’t fear, when we’re here!

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Here are creative and low-cost tips and tricks just for you!

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Visual Marketing Techniques For Pharmacy Startups to Shine

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Print Still Lives

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Get a business card for B2B marketing that’s: Get a business card for

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Perfect for ending face-to-face communication.

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Printed in two-color. It’s best for lower budgets.

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Hand-drawn cards with pharmacy logo stamp.

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Make creative leaflets and flyers to: Make creative leaflets

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Distribute at local events and conferences.

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Spread awareness about your pharmacy.

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Hand out to customers in your physical store.

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Be On the Internet

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Design an app with features for customers like:

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Alerting patient to take medication dose.

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Allowing input of drug name to get details.

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Entering prescription for local home deliveries.

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Make a website with user-friendly interface that’s got: Make a website with user-friendly

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Add to cart option for local customers.

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24/7 expert help for local and global queries.

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A blog with authentic content.

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Use video publishing and sharing platforms to:

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Share expert advices with customers.

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Make simple DIYs and healthcare home hacks.

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Promote healthcare devices via tutorials.

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Actively use social media websites to:

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Create hype about discount offers.

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Update news about latest products.

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Connect with others from similar fields.

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Just do it Outdoors!

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For startups, guerrilla marketing works best. Why?

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It’s cost-effective and eye-catching.

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Infinite possibilities with existing resources.

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Gives space to be original and out-of-the box.

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This is it, folks. Visit our blog for more!

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