Significant Glances: Meaningful Interaction on the Wrist

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significant glances Meaningful interaction on the wrist Josh Clark @Bigmediumjosh

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Brief books for people who make websites No 14 Josh Clark DESIGNING FOR TOUCH foreword by Brad Frost Josh Clark @Bigmediumjosh

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The next iphone!

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https:/ /

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A frivolous toy!

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http:/ /

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5% 5% of apple watch owners have stopped wearing it http:/ /

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http:/ / 33% of wearable owners abandon after six months 33% 5% 5% of apple watch owners have stopped wearing it http:/ /

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Meh is okay.

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Meh is okay. Pain is not.

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Value Pain

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• • Slow App Performance • Pain Slow connection to phone Siri stutters • small screen requires precision/focus

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Lean into strengths

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ne o a t no ’s It ph le t lit

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Absorb the simple tasks of more complex devices

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The job of the watch is to do more and more things on your wrist so that Y0U don't need to pick up your phone as often PHIL SCHILLER

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Don’t port apps ...yet

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Actionable notifications are the product

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ekick s a sid It’

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Skim the surface • • check time Notifications

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• check time Notifications • Communication • Health & Fitness Identity Finance • • •

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It’s not about the watch

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It’s not about Engagement

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Simple Minimal Fast Invisible Interactions with services (Not apps you stare at)

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The best apps support Fast interactions and focus on the content that users care about most Apple guidelines

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Focus on not stopping the user Android Wear guidelines

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38 seconds Microtasking http:/ / watches_invivo%20w%20authors.pdf

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7 seconds tasking Nano- http:/ / watches_invivo%20w%20authors.pdf

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Average per day 20 sessions of 40 seconds each Runeblade

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Top 2 percent 100+ sessions; 6 minute intervals Runeblade

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Seven-minute workout “seven”

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Sustained Glances Design for a series of 5-second sessions

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Glance carousel * $ & % @

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Glance carousel *$&%@#!?!

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Glance carousel •Manually added •As many as 20 •not often used but these are your
 most loyal users

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Glances ImmediA te response vs realtime data Design for data la tency Use as launcher

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Just press record

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Just press record

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Just press record

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Complications A pure distillation of your app Start designing here

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App in the air

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App in the air

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App in the air

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App in the air

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Immediate (but not urgent)

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Single-tap UX

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Coarse gestures, giant buttons

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3D touch is a coarse gesture

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3D touch is a coarse gesture

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Hands free activities

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Time Status/condition Trigger action

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The world is the interface This is just a button

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What is a watch-first experience?

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The watch does not compete with watches it competes with naked wrists Horace Dediu

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Wrists gesture

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htTp:// Presto.Watch @PrestOgestuRe

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A public display

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Adjacent to the work of the hands

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Your wrist is always with you

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Carry your data to the rest of the world

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Mobile brings computing power to immobile objects

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Mobile brings computing power to immobile objects

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smart homes and cars

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What’s the watch’s sidekick? ?

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What’s next?

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Thank you! Josh Clark @Bigmediumjosh thanks & apologies to Saul Bass

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