Data Driven Marketing for the Email Marketer

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Data-Driven Marketing for the Email Marketer 1

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Email is the most consistently highest revenue generating marketing channel – bar none. 2

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For every $1 spent on email marketing there is a $44.25 average ROI. 3

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Yet, over 1/3 Marketers don’t track the revenue they generate from email. 4

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Uploading your list, segmenting and batch blasting is old school. 5

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Times have changed, and marketers need to adapt. •  Explosion of Marketing Messages: About 500 ads a day in the 1970s to >5,000 a day today •  Digital and Mobile Disruption: Customers are always connected anytime anywhere •  Growing Customer Involvement: No longer passive participants (tweets, user reviews, etc.) •  Higher Expectations of Consistent Experience: Consistency over time and across channels 6

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We need to go from personalization to individualization, providing individualized, relevant and timely content. 7

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Don’t just assume needs and wants based on demographics, but predict them based on behavioral data. Use Pred ictive Analy tics 8

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Move from old school episodic campaigns to ongoing 1:1 conversations, not just by segmenting, but by timely, targeted messaging. 9

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Analyze streaming data to capture and interact with your audience real-time. 10

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SparkPost Elite provides granular real-time analytics through Webhooks and APIs 11

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Quickly generate and send highly personalized, contextually relevant messages through REST APIs 12

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SparkPost Elite provides the engine for you to get the fastest delivery 13

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No need to worry about message throttling from an ISP or waiting in an ESP’s queue. 14

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More email delivered = more revenue. Our Adaptive Email Network plus patented, automated technology ensures highest deliverability. 15

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We have solutions to fit any size business. 16

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We send 25% of the world’s legitimate email for businesses who depend on email to drive revenue. 17

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Contact us to learn more. They did. http://bit.ly/1GZnm0o 18

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