Big Data Platform at interest

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Data Architecture

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Data at Pinterest 60 Billion Pins 1 Billion boards 100M MAU 60 PB of data on S3 3 PB processed every day 2000 node Hadoop cluster 250 engineers

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Pinterest Data Architecture App

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Pinterest Data Architecture App events Kafka Secor Singer

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Pinterest Data Architecture App events Kafka Secor Singer

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Pinterest Data Architecture App events Kafka Secor Skyline Pinball Redshift Pinalytics Features Qubole (Hadoop) Singer

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Design Choices for Hadoop Platform

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Ephemeral clusters Access control layer Shared data store Easy deployment Hadoop Platform Requirements Isolated multi-tenancy Elasticity Support multiple clusters

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Decoupling compute & storage Hadoop Cluster 1 Transient HDFS Hadoop Cluster 2 Transient HDFS S3 Persistent Store

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Centralized Hive Metastore Hive Metastore Pig Cascading Hive HDFS/S3 Data Metadata

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Multi-layered Packaging Mapreduce Jobs Hadoop Jars/Libs Job/User level Configs Software Packages/Libs Configs (OS/Hadoop) Misc Sys Admin OS Bootstrap Script Core SW Runtime Staging (on S3) Automated Configuration (Masterless Puppet) Baked AMI

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Executor Abstraction Layer Hive Metastore HDFS/S3 Qubole Managed Hadoop EMR Executor Pinball Dev Server

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API for simplified executor abstraction Advanced support for spot instances Baked AMI customization Why Qubole? Hadoop & Spark as managed services Tight integration with Hive Graceful cluster scaling

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Pinball for Workflow Management

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Scale: 60 Billion Pins Hundreds of workflows Thousands of jobs 500+ jobs in a workflow 3 petabytes processed daily Support: Hadoop, Cascading, Hive, Spark … Scale of Processing job workflow

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Why Pinball? Requirements Simple abstractions Extensible in future Reliable stateless computing Easy to debug Scales horizontally Can be upgraded w/o aborting workflows Rich features like auto-retries, per-job emails, overrun policies… Options Apache Oozie, Azkaban, Luigi

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Pinball Design Master Worker Scheduler Command Line Clients UI

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Workflow A directed graph of nodes called jobs Edge Run after dependence Node Job is a node Workflow Model

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Job State Job state is captured in a token Tokens are named hierarchically Master Job Token version: 123 name: /workflow/w1/job owner: worker_0 expiration: 1234567 data: JobTemplate(....)

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Master keeps the state Workers claim and execute tasks Horizontally scalable Master Worker Interaction Worker Master Persistent Store 1: request 2: update 3: ack

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Master Entire state is kept in memory Each state update is synchronously persisted before master replies to client Master runs on a single thread – no concurrency issues

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Open Source Git repo: https://github.com/pinterest/pinball Mailing list: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/pinball-users

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