Using Culture to Make the World a Better Place With Data

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OUR CULTURE & VALUES How we are building a company that is making the world a better place through data socialcops

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A day in your life… Used Yelp or Zomato to find a restaurant for dinner Used Amazon to find the right book Used Uber to get to work Used Google Maps to learn how to get to your meeting uses lots of data

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But these aren’t the Most Important Decisions. The most important decisions are the ones that affect People’s Quality of Life.

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? Finding a cheap restaurant? Finding a school for your children? Easy. Hard.

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? Creating a portfolio investment strategy? Allocating a national healthcare budget? Easy. Hard.

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? Finding the quickest route home? Finding the safest route home? Easy. Hard.

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We exist to solve the world’s biggest problems using DATA

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17% India accounts for the greatest proportion of international maternal deaths

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And no one knows why. We’re collecting data from primary health centres about every delivery to find out why.

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9,000 people died in the 2015 Nepal earthquakes

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But no one knows what to send and where. We’re using data to optimize aid during disaster relief operations.

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Our data stack has been used to Drive health care policy Build smarter cities Improve education outcomes Collect data Mine data Transform data Search data Visualize data Analyse data

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Solving big problems doesn’t mean that we always sit in big chairs

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OUR WORK STYLE We’re never satisfied with being good. We want to be great.

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OUR JOB TITLES We make our own. (This makes it even harder to explain your job to your parents!)

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WE CELEBRATE OUR WINS Friday Demo Each team demos their new product features and highlights their exciting developments. Town Hall We devote a full day to reviewing the successes of the last month and figuring out how to improve in the month ahead.

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BUT SOMETIMES FAILURE IS FUN Our fail wall is your claim to fame.

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WE’RE ALWAYS LEARNING Teach on Tuesday A team member gives a lesson on one of their favorite topics — anything from android programming to graphic design. Hackathons We conduct internal hackathons to learn new programming languages and create cool stuff.

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AND WE’RE ALWAYS HAVING FUN We go to the park to play captain’s ball, slackline and fly our drone. (Captain’s ball is a game unique to SocialCops. You have to join to learn!)

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WE’RE VERY DIVERSE Back-End Engineer Entrepreneur Data Scientist Android Developer Graphic Designer Economist Business Development

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BUT WE’RE UNITED BY ONE COMMON MISSION 61 Average hours worked per week 2 Average cups of chai per day 5 Average all-nighters per month

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WE’RE BUILDING A TEAM OF SUPERHEROES. socialcops.com/careers @Social_Cops

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