The Inside Scoop on Trulia's Best-in-Class Optimization Strategy

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The Inside Scoop on Trulia’s Best-in-Class Optimization Strategy (And how to apply it to your business)

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Meet Our Speakers Need talking points to introduce each of you Gaurav Hardikar Chris Neumann Cara Harshman Sr. Product Manager Founder/Principal Content Marketing Manager @truliarentals

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Webinar Format An interview w/ Chris, Gaurav, and You! Ask Questions! Tweet @optimizely Use the chat or questions panel …and we’ll ask them live • •

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About Trulia • One-stop-shop for consumers searching for real estate. • Millions of Page Views per day. • Monetizes by lead generation. • Best-in-class in optimization.

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About CROmetrics • Full service CRO – 10 person team, half engineers. • Won 3 Opties this year for our work with Trulia & 99designs. • CEO/GM, VP Marketing, VP Product typically call on CROmetrics as a partner. There’s Chris

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Setting the Stage: Trulia’s Success • Awards • Better Together Award for a custom integration between Optimizely + Omniture • Developer Extraordinaire • Experience of the Year • 100 tests/year I’ll give a short blurb about why we’re having this webinar with Trulia of all companies, explain their success with testing backed by the Optie Awards

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The Inside Scoop on Trulia’s Best-in-Class Optimization Strategy • Achievements in testing • Optimization team structure • Company culture • Testing process • Sharing results & executive buy-in

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Trulia’s Testing Team & Program

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Trulia’s Optimization Team

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Trulia’s Optimization Tech Stack • Optimizely • •Desktop web •mWeb Omniture

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What does the testing program and process look like at a high level? • Using Optimizely and CROmetrics for 1 year • New test every 2-3 weeks; 100+ tests per year • Test on staging, deploy to live using an audience cookie • Test again, then deploy to full audience.

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How does Trulia’s company culture foster optimization? • Internal culture is very data driven • Lack of ego • True meritocracy - No HiPPOs • If data shows it works, we will build it

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How does Trulia use testing to achieve business results? • Focus testing on search results page, rental PDP pages (this is where all the traffic is) • Review key business results from testing • Lead Conversion, Reg, Saves

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How are results communicated to senior management? • C-level: Overall metrics improvements, details on an adhoc basis • VP Level: Overall metrics on each test cycle, highlighting on successful tests • Manager Level: Involved in the outcome of every test

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How does Trulia come up with ideas to test? • Good ideas come from everywhere: Upper management, design, product management, engineering, support, etc. • CROmetrics provides industry level learnings and “gut check” on inbound ideas • Product manager coordinates through data, intuition

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How does Trulia share the results of completed tests? • Central page for completed tests • Weekly A/B testing meeting to share across consumer products •What is running •What is coming up •What is getting normalized • Optimization Champion coordinates this

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Examples of Testing Wins

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Infinite Scroll Test 15% leads increase 60% pageview increase

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Mad Libs Form Test 15% leads increase

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Email Assurance 5% increase

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Keys to Success •Nimble team that isn’t afraid to make a decision. •Right metrics to align and optimize for. •A company culture with an appetite for rapid experimentation.

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Thank You! Contact chris@CROmetrics.com with any follow-up questions

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