6 Nerdy Reports to Drive Better Performance and Impress Your Boss

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6 Nerdy Reports to Drive Better Performance and Impress Your Boss John Gagnon – former Bing Ads Evangelist (Regional Agency Lead) #SMX #13B @Caitlin_Halpert

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#SMX #13B @JmGagnon | @BingAds

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Anyone in this room like Excel? Want this amazing shirt? Most retweeted: #SMX #13B #SMX #13B @JmGagnon | @BingAds

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BONUS TIME #SMX #13B @JmGagnon | @BingAds

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PowerMap: Excel Charting + Bing Maps on Steroids Maps Geographic data in a snap. Visualize over time. Go to: www.PowerBI.com #SMX #13B @JmGagnon | @BingAds

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Productivity Format Painter? #SMX #13B @JmGagnon | @BingAds

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Productivity Quick and easy formatting: Double-Click Format Painter! #SMX #13B @JmGagnon | @BingAds

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Creativity with reporting #SMX #13B @JmGagnon | @BingAds

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Productivity What are you actually doing? Enter: Change History #SMX #13B @JmGagnon | @BingAds

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1 Easy Access 2 # of Changes 3 List & Undo #SMX #13B @JmGagnon | @BingAds

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Remove Bid #SMX #13B @JmGagnon | @BingAds

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Now have a real conversation about progress on account strategy. #SMX #13B @JmGagnon | @BingAds

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Audience Demographics and Bidding #SMX #13B @JmGagnon | @BingAds

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1 SEGMENTS 2 Want this data? Install Universal Event Tracking #SMX #13B @JmGagnon | @BingAds

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Conversions by Demographics Female Male #SMX #13B @JmGagnon | @BingAds

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Bid adjustments by Demographics #SMX #13B @JmGagnon | @BingAds

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Powerful Insights with Bing Ads Intelligence #SMX #13B @JmGagnon | @BingAds

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DEMO Compare a brand’s demographics across devices As audience becomes more important, demographic insights are important and just a few clicks away GUIDELINES 1. For your “brand” go to More Research and select “Age Group & Gender” 2. Customize insights to All Device types except “nonsmart phone” 3. Use power of Excel’s charting > 100% Stacked Column chart data in Column B (Devices) through Column G (Age65Plus) #SMX #13B @JmGagnon | @BingAds

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#SMX #13B @JmGagnon | @BingAds

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DEMO Positional analysis using keyword performance For smarter bidding strategy, see the number of clicks and average CPCs for the marketplace GUIDELINES 1. Get “Keyword Performance” for keyword “car rental deals” for last 30 days 2. Customize insights to Exact Match only and ALL positions 3. Use power of Excel’s charting > Column chart data in Column D (Position) and Column E (Clicks) #SMX #13B @JmGagnon | @BingAds

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#SMX #13B @JmGagnon | @BingAds

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Spy vs Spy: Auction Insights for Ad Copy #SMX #13B @JmGagnon | @BingAds

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What do you see? #SMX #13B @JmGagnon | @BingAds

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Formalize Your Analysis Value Prop Offer Availability/ convenience: “24x7 repair” “Open in night” ? Safe, fast and affordable CTA Features Save $75 $100 opener $200 off No call fee Call Call ext. Sitelinks Location Skype c2c $25 repair Free lube and adjust Call Dynamic sitelinks None Book online today #SMX #13B Sitelinks @JmGagnon | @BingAds

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Reports to go deeper Change History for Real Change Demographics: Segment Reporting Bing Ads Intelligence • Remove “Bids” for calculation • Must have UET installed • Excel for PC only • Find specific users, keeping in mind tool logins may make majority of changes • Only returns demographics for conversions or goals reached • Position Analysis is handy for bidding landscapes and proposals. • Incremental Bidding on top demos after analysis. #SMX #13B @JmGagnon | @BingAds

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THANK YOU! SEE YOU @SMX WEST March 1st -3rd Want this amazing shirt? Most retweeted: #SMX #13B And at Bing Ads Connect #SMX #13B @JmGagnon | @BingAds

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THANK YOU! SEE YOU @SMX WEST SAN JOSE, CA MARCH 1-3, 2016 #SMX #13B @JmGagnon | @BingAds

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