How to Leverage Data to Drive Event Marketing Decisions

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How to Leverage Data to Drive Event Marketing Decisions BRIAN FRIEDMAN, CEO OF LOOPD

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BRIAN FRIEDMAN CEO, Loopd @BFried9131 Design driven product leader socializing technology through wearables and analytics.

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TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 Collecting Online and Offline Data 2 Increase Targeted Conversions 3 Educate Attendees Effectively 4 Create Engaging Communities

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“ It’s easy to fall back on the same type of event over and over again. Stepping out of your box will help you inspire and connect with your existing audience in a new and refreshing way. PAM MOORE Marketing Nutz

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EVENT MOBILE APPS Understand your online metrics from app usage. Effectively plan, execute, and monetize your event.

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TECHNICAL APP ANALYTICS Collect activity data to determine if your app is being used. Measure clicks, views, and downloads.

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BEHAVIORAL APP ANALYTICS Reveal how your attendees are engaging, reacting and influencing with your event. Gather likes, responses, and rankings.

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NFC Capture offline metrics with NFC. This includes materials collected, contests entered, and rooms visited.

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MEASURE TRAFFIC Bonnaroo used NFC wristbands to gather metrics on visits, dwell time, and attendee flow.

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MONITOR COLLATERAL EMC World used NFC badges to analyze marketing materials and gifts that were collected by attendees.

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BEACONS Converge online and offline metrics with beacons. This includes sessions attended, partners visited, and social interactions.

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TEST MESSAGING SXSW used beacons to provide a custom experience for each attendee. Uncover your most engaging campaigns.

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REVEAL POPULARITY Box used beacons to understand which sessions, partners, and products were the most popular.

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LEAD INTELLIGENCE Identify influencers by capturing their event journey. Show their engagement and activity with sessions, partners, and products.

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ATTENDEE JOURNEY Find out what and who your attendees are interested in. Increase the motivation and quality of your influencers.

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MARKETING AUTOMATION Image from HubSpots Inbound Framework Launch targeted campaigns for your attendees after the event by understanding their online and offline interactions.

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“ Dreamforce is the only time the Street gets to interact with vendors and partners, and get insights, positive or negative, into spending trends and product absorption. DANIEL IVES FBR Capital Markets

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CUSTOMER RETENTION Recognize your customer engagement levels at the event. Build brand loyalty and stronger connections with your clients.

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LEVERAGE SOCIAL MEDIA Use Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to promote and analyze your brand performance before, during, and after your event.

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CONTENT CURATION Select the right speakers, partners, and products for your next event. Collect stats on survey results, social media, and industry trends.

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IDENTIFY ENGAGEMENT Measure the popularity of your sessions, partners, and products for your influencers that were in attendance.

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SUPPORTING MEDIA Provide your attendees with relevant information before, during, and after the event. Encourage them to learn and share with their network.

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MESSAGE OPTIMIZATION Promote engaging messages. Send personalized and targeted call to actions to increase discussions and interactions with your attendees.

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PERSONALIZATION Relate with your attendee’s profile. Use alerts and announcements to provide them with relevant and valuable information.

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GAMIFICATION IBM encouraged online and offline connections by creating games for attendees that promoted team participation.

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LISTEN TO YOUR AUDIENCE XOXO used Slack to create and organize channels for discussions between attendees. Follow insights about the popularity of topics.

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Questions? THUE MADSEN BRIAN FRIEDMAN Marketing Operations Manager, Kissmetrics CEO, Loopd @ThueLMadsen @bfried9131

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