The What, Why and How of Web Analytics Testing (Web, IoT, Big Data)

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THE WHAT, WHY & HOW OF WEB ANALYTICS TESTING Anand Bagmar Test Practice Lead, Software Quality Evangelist

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ABOUT ME @BagmarAnand about.me/anand.bagmar

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Why do we do Testing?

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Web Analytics

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WEB ANALYTICS SOLUTIONS AWStats SiteCatalyst Google Analytics WebTrends ….

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Testing Web Analytics

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TESTING AT THE REPORT LEVEL Pros ¨  Ensure report is setup correctly Cons ¨ Licensing ¨ Reports not yet setup ¨ Validate all requests are sent / captured

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Biggest Problem It is TOO LATE!

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The Solution

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Web Analytics Testing Challenges

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WAAT - Web Analytics Automation Testing

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WHAT DOES WAAT DO FOR ME? q  Plugs into existing test framework q  With minimal changes q  Web Analytic tool independent q  UI Driver framework independent q  Browser independent

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WAAT-JAVA q  Original flavor q  Supports 3 plugins q  Omniture Debugger q  HttpSniffer q  JsSniffer q  Available on github

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WAAT-RUBY q  Ruby gem implemented over WAAT-Java q  Uses RJB – Ruby-Java-Bridge q  Supports 2 plugins q  HttpSniffer q  JsSniffer q  Available on github and rubygems.org

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OMNITURE DEBUGGER Pros q  OS independent q  Run using the regular test-user Cons q  Browser dependent – need to implement ScriptRunner for the UI-driver in use q  Web-Analytic solution dependent – Adobe Marketing Cloud / Omniture SiteCatalyst

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HTTPSNIFFER Pros q  Web-analytic solution independent q  Browser independent q  UI-driver independent Cons rd q  3 party libraries are OS Dependent q  HTTPs not supported out-of-the-box q  Run tests as ‘root’

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JSSNIFFER Pros q  Web-analytic solution independent q  Browser independent q  HTTPs supported out-of-the-box rd q  No dependency on any 3 party library Cons q  Need to write JavaScript to get the URL from the browser q  UI-driver dependent

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Is that all to Web Analytics?

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The new “kids” in town IoT & Big Data

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Some popular use cases

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IOT – INTERNET OF THINGS Opportunity to ¨  Create new value propositions ¨  Be Innovative ¨  Be Creative

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IOT – HOW TO DELIVERING VALUE? ¨  Automate the manual processes ¨  Need to optimize and integrate data capabilities ¨  Collect – integrate from various sources ¨  Repeat collection – automate the collection ¨  Analyze – manual & machine learning ¨  Optimize / Pivot ¨  Repeat

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IOT – CHALLENGES ¨  Federated devices, ¨  Different types of networks ¨  Different communication channels ¨  Physical (hardware) & Virtual (software)

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IOT – BIGGER CHALLENGES ¨  Too many devices ¨  Lots of data

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BIG DATA …. IS GETTING BIGGER ¨  Volumes of data generated ¨  A jet engine generates 1TB of data per flight. ¨  A large refinery generates 1TB of raw data per day. ¨  As cars get smarter, the number of sensors is projected to reach as many as 200 per car. ¨  Sensors of all types will generate immense amounts of data. In fact, analysts estimate that by 2020, 40 percent of all data will come from sensors. ¨  IoT leads to massive volumes of data http://www.cisco.com/web/solutions/trends/iot/docs/iot-data-analytics-white-paper

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IoT is about Data!

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TO GET VALUE FROM IOT … ¨  Collect ¨  Analyze ¨  Predict ¨  Plan

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What does this mean for Testing?

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TESTING OPPORTUNITIES We need to build capabilities to validate – ¨  Data collection is working well ¨  From all sources ¨  Analyzing data, capturing patterns and trends ¨  Optimize business value ¨  Create new opportunities and value propositions

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THANK YOU abagmar@gmail.com Anand.Bagmar@thoughtworks.com @BagmarAnand about.me/anand.bagmar

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RESOURCES ¨  https://github.com/anandbagmar/waat ¨  https://github.com/anandbagmar/waat-ruby ¨  http://essenceoftesting.blogspot.in/search/label/waat ¨  http://www.cisco.com/web/solutions/trends/iot/docs/ iot-data-analytics-white-paper ¨  http://www.dezyre.com/article/how-big-data-analysishelped-increase-walmart-s-sales-turnover/109 4

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