Top 10 Excel Beginner Basics

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Excel Top10 Beginner Basics ® 10 To start Excel 2016 from the Windows® 10 Start screen, type exc in the Search the Web and Windows text box to the immediate right of the Start button and then click Excel 2016 on its pop-up menu. (To start Excel 2016 from the Windows® 8 Start screen, click the Excel 2016 tile.) 9 8 6 To locate a part of a worksheet that you cannot see onscreen, click the scroll bars at the right and bottom of the workbook window to bring new parts of the worksheet into view. 7 2 To start a new workbook containing a blank worksheet using the Excel default template, simply press Ctrl+N. To activate an open workbook and display it onscreen (in front of any others you have open), click the Ribbon’s View tab, and then click the window to activate the Switch Windows button’s drop-down menu. To locate a particular worksheet in the active workbook, click that worksheet’s sheet tab at the bottom of the workbook document window. 5 4 To launch Excel 2016 automatically when you open an Excel workbook that needs editing, simply locate the folder containing the Excel workbook you want to edit in Windows Explorer and double-click its file icon. To enter stuff in a worksheet, select the cell where the information should appear; then begin typing. To edit the stuff you entered into a cell already, double-click the cell or position the cell pointer in the cell and press F2. 3 To choose one of the many Excel commands on the Ribbon, click the Ribbon tab, locate the group containing the command button, and then click the button. To save a copy of your workbook the first time around, click the Save button on the Quick Access toolbar or press Ctrl+S. Designate the place to save the file on the Save screen. In the Save As dialog box, replace the temporary filename in the File Name text box and then click the Save button. 1 To exit Excel when you’re done working with the program, click the Close button or press Alt+F4. For more information about how to master Excel 2016, visit www.dummies.com. Image © NAN104 / iStockphoto Dummies is a registered trademark of John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

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