UX x Analytics: Love or hate

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Analytics Love or hate? Christian Rohr @rhizm UX

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Analytics and UX

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Analytics UX

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Digital Analytics vs. User Experience * Lou Rosenfeld´s table of overgeneralized dichotomies

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It still should have its place in UX research.

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Widely available Cost effective way of research Brings analytics and UX people together

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How can we leverage the outcomes of digital analytics to improve UX?

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Start with some hypotheses about shortcomings of the user experience on your site.

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Example assumptions

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Users are not able to access the products easily due to the grown navigation.

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Examining the onsite search

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Search terms are also a good way to turn your labels to user-centered language.

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Proof for your personas: Using demographic data from Google Analytics to double-check your assumptions for the personas.

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Demographic profile

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Or a feeling that the site is not performing for mobile users

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Desktop vs. Mobile

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Using actually user flows of the site to feedback your user journeys

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User Flow

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Test new wordings Test if imagery, typography, or layout are distracting from calls to action (CTAs)

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Don´t get lost in the black hole of data, but benefit from analytics.

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