Big Data and The Future of Insight

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Big Data and The Future of Insight Summary slides

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PETABYTES FOR ALL: THE BIG DATA BACK-STORY Georgina Sapsted, Leader of Quantitative Analysis

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Source: Google Trends (www.google.com/trends)/nVision | Base: UK (English speakers), March 2014 Data Analysis: long-lived

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The 3 V’s What makes BIG Data different?

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80% of big data is raw and unstructured DATAFICATION

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Predictive power As long as some of tomorrow is contained in a measured part of today we can make predictions.

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Retail Reloaded 1

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Image: Shoppertrak datafied stores The promise of

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Source: Apotek responsive spaces The promise of 10

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11 super service The promise of Photo © Virgin Atlantic

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Image: Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology in Tokyo  After mobile: New means of identification

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Retail Reloaded: the Big Data impact

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Society of Sobriety 2

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Favouring restraint, celebrating control Source: nVision Research, 2014 US “I have consciously made an effort to reduce the amount of alcohol I drink” each week” 51% of US 21-24 year olds agree

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EDIT1 in 6 GB respondents born after 1981 use personal health tracking apps Source: nVision Research, 2014 GB Photo © Future Foundation 16

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Society of Sobriety: the Big Data impact

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Murdered by Modernity 3

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Memory Skill accumulation (language, directions) Free choice Adventure and discovery Privacy “Ignorance is bliss” The presumption of innocence The old-school football manager Big Data: accelerating the end of…?

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Source: Google Trends (www.google.com/trends)/nVision | Base: Worldwide (English speakers), 2014 The nascent response: Searching for the deep web

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Murdered by Modernity: Big Data impact

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THE BIG DATA BIOPSY James Murphy, Editorial Director

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Does the regulator pack any punch at all? “We are undergoing a revolution... The immense volume, diversity and potential value of data... The working group will consider all these issues...” John Podesta, White House Big Data Review Leader Jan 2014

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Big Data: business partner of insight? “Overwhelmingly, respondents are positive about the need to travel for business. Over half (55%) find business trips interesting, 36% find them enjoyable and 17% say business travel is motivating.” Amadeus Business Travel Survey 2014 Sample size: 411 Regular Business Travellers in the UK and Ireland Big Data + Soft Power = Super-Smart Insight?

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In a short while from now… 25 In our jobs, we will all be using Big Data apps in the way we all use Excel today. Marketing will work in real-time just as in-store sales and inventory management have always done. Data Science guzzles the budgets and pressures conventional techniques to justify themselves. We see: The rise of the Soft Woo + Anticipatory Service Propositions Insight will re-skill itself and de-IT Big Data. Big Data will amplify the claim that it can reduce headcount in every sector.

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Big Data: the Big Four Claims

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Big Four Claims: our summary view

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