What’s An Infographic?

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What’s An Infographic? By Bernard Marr

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An Infographic is basically an artistic representation of data and information using different elements such as: graphs, pictures, diagrams, narrative, timelines, check lists, etc.

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Infographics allow us to tell a more complete story of the data and are more engaging than most traditional ways of communicating data and information. The focus of good Infographics is always on communicating insights

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Here are some examples of graphical elements that you might find on an Infographic

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Use engaging visualisations but keep the focus on the message, not the artistic greatness.

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Maps and flow-charts are great additions to any Infographic.

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Key is to translate the raw data in easy to use visualisations

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Let’s look at some of my favourite examples But please note that they are all copy-righted and only used as illustrative examples

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Just imagine your corporate reporting was this engaging

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There are now a large number of fantastic tools available that can help you create Infographics: Infogr.am, Easel.ly, Pictochart, IBM's Many Eyes, Venngage, Creatly and Wordle.

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Read my blog post ‘What the Heck is an Infographic? And Why You should use Them’ Click Here

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I run customized courses on performance reporting and data visualisation, to learn more get in touch.

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About This overview was put together by Bernard Marr, Founder and CEO of the Advanced Performance Institute. Bernard Mar is a bestselling business author, keynote speaker, strategic performance consultant, and analytics, KPI & Big Data guru. Read Bernard’s blogs: LinkedIn Influencer Blog Big Data Guru Blog Connect with Bernard on: LinkedIn Twitter Facebook Google+ YouTube Advanced Performance Institute For more articles, white papers, case studies and much more visit the Advanced Performance Institute Knowledge Hub