Enhancing Hong Kong’s Competitiveness Through Data Centre and Cloud Computing – Trends and Policies

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Enhancing Hong Kong’s Competitiveness Through Data Centre and Cloud Computing – Trends and Policies Charles Mok Legislative Councillor (Information Technology)

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Cloud services & storage Connected devices Digital entertainment Factors driving data center demand Worldwide spending on cloud services is expected to reach more than $107 billion in 2017

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In 4 years the Internet of Things will need 750% more data center capacity than today International Data Corporation (IDC) Largest driver of DC expansion

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Long term trends beyond 2015 More demand for… Server workload Power demands Network bandwidth Storage

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Data center space: 5.1M sq. ft. (gross feet area) 1.8M sq. ft. of space planned Demand for data center services increasing Occupancy rate remain high More DC space coming along in HK

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What are the changes in the demand and supply of data center from the trend of cloud computing? How is the industry adapting? What can be done to improve HK’s attractiveness as an international data center hub and stay competitive? Key Questions

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Mega trends Big data analysis FinTech IoT and Smart Cities

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Growth in Internet user “Asia’s internet users grew by the equivalent of the entire population of Canada in Q3 of 2014.” - Joe Kava, VP Data Centers, Google

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Shortens the traditional life cycles of data centers DCs need to stay competitive Increases the need for infrastructure refresh in older data centers

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“About 20 percent of the data centers in the region are more than 8 years old and are not really geared up to handle the demands of modern high density computing platforms,” - Simon Piff Associate VP of Enterprise Infrastructure research at IDC Asia Pacific to Datacenter Dynamics

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Latest data center development in asia

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Singapore: government-led Singapore Data Center Park, pro-biz, green incentives Taiwan: a vision to make TW the next APAC Information Operations Center, land policy South Korea: government driven huge investment in IT industry, encourage startups China: tech firms going global fast, Shenzhen’s initiative in Internet Finance driving DC service demand Others: tax incentives APAC govts race to attract DC investments

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Tech Firms looks to Asia Google chose Singapore and Taiwan as its data center in Asia, investing US $1bn in total. Singapore: $500m on a second, larger, multilevel data center to go online in 2 years Taiwan: allocated $600m for Data Center and $66 million to increase capacity Amazon will launch data center infrastructure for India in 2016 …What’s for Hong Kong?

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HK as key regional data center destination Low tax rate Safest place to build DCs in Asia Extensive business network Reliable energy supply Deep pool of tech talents Extensive and reliable network connectivity 17,000 tech and IT companies (2013) Blooming start-ups IP protection

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Incentives, e.g. tax breaks, cheap land, facility maintenance services Proactive communication and liaison with Tech companies Government driven cooperation Varied approaches in DC facilitation

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Better coordination to strengthen attractiveness High quality infrastructure Space for DC companies to leverage on economies of scale and expand More value-added services e.g. IaaS Support startups and local tech firms to grow SME demand for DC services and public cloud services Green data centers Hong Kong can enhance its competitiveness to DC investors

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Land supply remains a key issue Tseung Kwan O, New Territories New Development Areas (Hung Shui Kiu, NE NT, etc.) Conversion of industrial building: hard to meet long term demand How much land do we need to increase DC service provision in short to medium term Data center land supply policy and planning needed

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Existing government support Land Supply: Industrial Estates, Greenfield Sites Available for Sale, Land Earmarked for Data Centers Data Centre Facilitation Unit and its Thematic Portal (OGCIO) Robust telecommunications infrastructure, Pro-Business environment, free flow of information, protection of data privacy, quality ICT professionals

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Hong Kong’s core competitiveness Attractive as offshore DC for Chinese/int’l companies Fair, transparent policies Operators of IDCs need predictability in policy as huge investment is involved Cost and stability of power supply Coordination to speed up land supply and cut red tape Conversion of industrial buildings for co-location DCs: being adaptive Enhance cloud computing security for critical infrastructure

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Challenges ahead Land supply Shorter lead time to meet the needs of tech firms, financial institutions and telecom operators Staying relevant, advanced planning and better coordination Green and environmental initiatives/facilitations Facilitate partnerships with global players to build new facilities Providing attractive incentive packages

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