Big Data: The Force That’s Good for Consumers and Society

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90% of the world's data has been created in the last two years

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Think about this staggering number Think about the speed by which we, humans can create content, AND more importantly, think about how you and I factor in that equation.

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The explosion of Big Data has created a need for analytics; our analytic capabilities and insights can help you interpret mass amounts of Big Data. — Craig Boundy, CEO of Experian North America

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Data is in our DNA: • 30 years of global leadership • More than 2,800 technologists and over 400 data scientists worldwide, including global data labs in three major markets

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Data is in our DNA: • Applied research teams in advanced analytics, machine learning and computer science • Ensuring the best fit of data and analytics to optimize business performance

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As the volume and variety of data increase at a rapid pace, the ability to analyze the relevant data successfully becomes increasingly important to unlock its significant value and transform the way businesses and consumers interact.

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Today we are living in a data-driven economy. It’s important that in today’s world we not only acknowledge, but embrace the power of data as a force for good. — Craig Boundy, CEO of Experian North America

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When we consider that data is good, we think of it in terms of: • Good for our economy • Good for consumers • Good for society

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When we use data for good, we see it in the areas of INNOVATION and the creative license we give ourselves to look at problems differently.

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When we use data for good, businesses are seeking INNOVATIVE TECHNIQUES and applications to capture the value that is hidden within their data assets.

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Experian DataLabs provides a safe and secure environment for: Partnership to enable breakthrough data experimentation Innovation to deliver solutions to challenging problems

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Experian DataLabs allows us to work together on data and analytics safely with the best people and smartest technology. — Craig Boundy, CEO of Experian North America

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We have had some remarkable successes where we’ve been able to identify previously undetected risks and signals from data sets comprising billions of transactions. — Craig Boundy, CEO of Experian North America

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None of this can be achieved without A CLEAR FOCUS on using data as a force for good.

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If we proactively advance data for good with the right process, tools and people, we have an opportunity to TRANSFORM OUR ECONOMY and the ways in which we operate within it.

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Join our #DataTalk on Twitter Thursdays at 5 p.m. Eastern time Experian.com/datatalk

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