The art of data science

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The art of data science Josh Wills O P E N D A T A S C I E N C E C O N F E R E N C E_ BOSTON 2015 @opendatasci

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Or, A Less Pretentious Title Josh Wills | Senior Director of Data Science The Art of Data Science

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The Data Science State of the Union

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Data Scientists At Work

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Data Scientists at Home

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Data Scientists…Everywhere?

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Creating Some Definition

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The Mismeasure of Data Scientists

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The Tremendous Promise of Big Data

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The Unfortunate Reality of Big Data

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Like Urban Planning, but for Data

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Data Modeling for Data Science

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Event Series Analytics

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A Simple Star Schema for Spell Correction

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A Supernova Schema for Search

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Spell Correction in SQL

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The Operational/Analytical Impedance Mismatch

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Exhibit: http://github.com/jwills/exhibit

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Pushing Beyond The Limits of Our Tools

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Thanks! jwills@cloudera.com