How to Avoid Becoming Your Own Worst Enemy

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How to Avoid Becoming Your Own Worst Enemy Presented by David Savlowitz

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Have You Been Hacked?

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If not, You Will Be

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Typical Hacker Representations

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Typical Hacker Representations Dade (From Hackers 1995)

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Typical Hacker Representations David (From WarGames 1983)

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Hackers in Reality Gary McKinnon Kevin Mitnick

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What techniques do hackers use?

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Hacking Techniques Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) Physical Attack Social Engineering (Phishing) Custom Exploit Development

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The most popular technique Social Engineering (Phishing) Attempting to acquire sensitive information by posing as a trusted entity

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Phishing Example

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The Deadliest Cyber Security Sins Having a weak password or none at all Not updating frequently Ignoring the truth that you are a target of cyber crime Thinking your security is perfect Sharing your personal information online Leaving your devices unlocked when unattended Not backing up your data frequently Opening emails from a sender you do not recognize Clicking unfamiliar links Disabling your anti-virus software Disabling you firewall Writing down your password

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What is the risk?

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Leading effects of security errors Financial loss Loss of property Mental and or physical illness Death

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Lessons Learned You are at risk Hackers have numerous techniques but it only takes one to destroy you When in doubt ask a professional

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Thank You!

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