8 Nastiest Data Breaches in 2015

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8 Nastiest Data Breaches in 2015

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Premera Cyber Attack: Approx 13 Million Premera members were affected. The information exposed includes social security numbers, date of birth, addresses and some bank account numbers.

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Kreditech 's insider breach: The data breach that came to light after malicious hackers posted thousands of applicants’ personal and financial records online.The site announced that a group of hackers calling itself “A4? put the information online.

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Amazon's Twitch Hacked: Various kinds of data was compromised, including credit card information, in particular card type, a truncated card number and the expiration date. Twitch said all user passwords were to be reset .

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LifeWise data breach: LifeWise has said 250,000 Oregonians’ personal information was exposed in the attack. The type of data exposed include name, birth dates, social security numbers, mailing and email addresses, bank account information and phone numbers.

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Chick-fil-A credit card breach: Chick-fil-A which operates restaurants in 1,850 locations over 41 states and D.C. confirmed a credit card breach. Nearly 9,000 customer cards were affected, more than the total number of cards impacted in the Target breach.

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Morgan Stanley insider theft: Morgan Stanley fired an employee who stole the account names, numbers and transaction data on 350,000 clients; the insider crook’s plan was allegedly to sell customers’ data.

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Bitstamp hacked: Slovenia-based Bitstamp warned customers not to attempt bitcoin deposits to previously-issued bitcoin address as those deposits “cannot be honored", following a cyberattack that cause loss of 650,000 bitcoins.

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Anthem Inc. BREACH: As many as 80 million customers of the nation's second-largest health insurance company, Anthem Inc., have had their account information stolen when a sophisticated external cyber attack hit Anthem's computer system.

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