Data Driven Culture

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Data Driven Culture Prasad Ajinkya

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Questions that come to mind What needs to be done? What is the purpose of this meeting? How does this meeting serve the project’s purpose? Who is going to do these tasks? Me? Really??

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Approach Getting things done through process

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When in doubt, Let Data decide! Scientific method Defined process, with defined outcomes The goal is to improve on the last goal E.g move from 5 leads per day to 10 leads per day Use data from the current stage Framing hypothesis Conduct experiments for each hypothesis Document your learnings Share with all stakeholders (including Devs and Investors!)

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So what are Experiments? Disagreements are opportunities to test Agree to Disagree or Agree to Test It’s OK to not know the answer now Test it and get the answer later Assumptions are okay As long as they are tested … and corrected!

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“The man who asks a question is a fool for a minute, the man who does not ask is a fool for life.” - Confucius

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Motto Measure Monitor Scale

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Dependencies of Data Data drive decision making needs inputs

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How do you define Goals? Why is this website made? What do we want our customers to do? What is our complete sales process/funnel like? Where does the website fit in this? What is the priority in multiple goals?

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Can you define Goals for them?

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Can you define Goals for them?

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The Web Analytics process

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Problems with Data Not enough of it Too much of it Don’t trust it Don’t know what to do with it We go with the HIPPO anyway

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Data can address concerns such as ... Who is my audience? Are they a valuable customer?

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Where does the data live? Web logs Spreadsheets and reports Desktop databases Paid channels Online analytics products 3rd party aggregators Enterprise Systems CRM systems

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Know thy Funnels

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What is a Sales Funnel? a visual representation of the steps required to sell your products or services

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Digital Funnels are different

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Acquistion != Activation Traffic acquisition is not conversion! What is the average conversion rate that you see in your campaigns 0 – 2 % 3 – 5 % 6 – 10 % > 15 %

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The Website funnel (Activation) Define the purpose of a website Is it Leads? Is it Revenues? Is it Downloads? Is it minutes of content consumed? That goal of the website is activation or conversion

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Pay Per Click Search

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PPC ROI Cost Per Acquisition Total Cost / Total Conversions in a given time range ROI multiplier Total Revenues / Total Cost

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Stringing the funnels together Launching multiple campaigns for moving the target audience from one stage to the other

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Thank you! Questions?