The Science of Instagram Analytics @evanjames11

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The Science of Instagram Analytics @evanjames11 Evan James Head of North American Marketing

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Social Network Divisions Delivery Networks Discovery Networks

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The network is immature Content strategy should focus on interactions Don’t measure in isolation Turn insight into action Key Traits of Instagram

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The Instagram Landscape in 2015 Not yet, but it will come Key focus now

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Photo & Video Filter Engagement Average Interactions Fan Growth & Distribution Total Interactions Brand Perception Total Shares Post Type Effectiveness Custom Reporting & Dashboards

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Media brands are the ultimate social marketers

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Photo or Video?

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Normal Filters Dominate

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Filter Usage Is Highly Dependent On Industry

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Performance on Instagram

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Hashtags: Also Depends On Your Industry

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90% of Posts < 300 Characters

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But Is Instagram A Place For Only Short –Form Text Only?

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Anyone can shoot & publish, but brands need high-quality photos & videos

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Real time mapping…Like Know Other Social Network

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Socialbakers Analytics Core Analytics Advanced Reporting Premium Analytics Promoted Post Detection Social Health Index Inspiration Pack Data Exports Executive Dashboard Command Center Social Media Dashboard Over 100 Social KPIs Industry Benchmarks Competitor Comparison Custom Labels and Filters Integrated Facebook Insights

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A bit about Socialbakers Defining how social is measured 8,000,000+ Social Profiles $34M+ in funding 2,700+ global clients ? of Global Fortune 500 500k site visitors/month

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EngageX Jan Rezab @janrezab Socialbakers CEO

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Don’t blindly publish Interactions are king Be flexible Takeaways

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My Typical Ending Slide For A Larger Social Network Interactions Correlate with Conversions Increased Facebook Average Quarterly Interactions Q1 2014 Q2 2014 Q3 2014 Q4 2014 Sep 2014 Oct 2014 Nov 2014

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But With Instagram Social Marketing Is For The Taking

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Thank You!!! @evanjames11 Evan James Head of North American Marketing