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BIG Data Stories You Can’t Miss Feb 2015

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Big Data News Bulletin – February 2015 Every month I will be creating a news bulletin of the biggest big data stories from around the globe. This is my second one. Follow me if you want to see the next ones.

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D J Patil announced as first Whitehouse Chief Data Scientist Former Yahoo, Skype and Ebay man handpicked by Obama for government’s top data job

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Using Big Data to Predict Oscar Winners Number crunchers at fivethirtyeight.com applied their algorithms to correctly pick winners in several major categories

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Is your Samsung TV spying on you? Privacy issues were raised when Samsung revealed data recorded in homes by customers using voice recognition features is recorded and shared with third parties for analysis.

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Dixons Carphone to launch mobile Internet of Things service The retail giant will create a new mobile data network for customers buying internet-enabled home products.

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Doctors collect 1,600 Digital Hearts The world’s largest database of 3D images of the human heart has been created by scientists at the UK Medical Research Council.

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