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Metrics UGBA 198 Haas School of Business UC Berkeley

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What are metrics? Metrics Counting, tracking, and presenting of data With respect to social media marketing Likes/unlikes, shares, comments, reach, engagement, post clicks, retweets, favorites Could be external (likes, shares, comments) or internal (post clicks, unlikes, reach)

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Relevance Just raw numbers and data without strategy Numbers are important in marketing Quantify your success—return on investment (ROI) Buy-in from executives and internal stakeholders Relativity is IMPORTANT

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Competitive Landscape

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Measure relatively Competitive analysis How and what are your competitors doing? Measure to scale Key to success when you first start out with social media marketing Examples UC Berkeley vs. Harvard vs. UCLA

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Sample (external)

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Measuring relatively breakdown Engagement Ratio (people talking about this / total likes) UC Berkeley: 12,000/300,000 = 4.0% Harvard: 50,000/4,000,000 = 1.25% Growth Ratio (weekly new page likes / total likes) UC Berkeley: 1600/300,000 = 0.53% Harvard: 22,000/4,000,000 = 0.55%