Q3 2014

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Q3 2014

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Performics offers an end-to-end solution for Performance Marketing execution and consulting. Performics Overview

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Visibility Find participants across channels & devices Relevancy Create experiences that break through clutter & drive qualified clicks Conversion Activate clicks, actions, leads, sales Optimization Continually improve results 4 Performance Activation Framework More Relevant Ads = More Qualified Interactions = Less Costs & More Conversions

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5 Today’s Fluid Multi-Touch Journey

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See people through data Participant insights Social chatter Search keywords Browsing data Demographics Create experiences that are already optimized because they’re informed by participant engagement metrics uncovered via analytics 7 Leveraging Participant Data

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Challenge Software client needed to be nimble to capitalize on buzz, in real-time, around new product announcement Strategy On launch day, we implemented bids, keywords & copy based on dynamic participant data. We noticed higher-than-expected social conversations trending in anticipation; we used these insights to build/refine copy & keywords. Results On announcement day, relevant ads drove 328% higher-than-average CTR, an all-time high 8 Participant Data in Action

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Understand competitive/ participant landscape Right person, Right channel, right device Create cross-channel, online-offline attribution plans, media-mix models Enable data collection via tagging Collect, report, optimize; shift budget in real-time to pounce on performance 10 Integrating Search, Display & Social

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Challenge Entertainment client sought to increase brand keyword search volume Strategy Expand beyond paid search to display & social with theory that visibility would create demand in search We tailored messaging through the journey Results Brand search volume increased 21% in the 1st month & 46% in the 2nd Proof that display & social can not only drive direct conversions, but also fuel search 11 Integration in Action

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Define success Purchase, find store, sign-up Optimize to success metrics Create pre-click (ads) & post-click (landing page) experiences that convert Big ROI lies beyond the click Yet for every $92 spent acquiring visitors, only $1 is spent converting them* We routinely see 100%+ conversion rate increases via landing page testing (A/B, multivariate) Never stop testing & learning 13 Keys to Testing VS. *Econsultancy (2012)

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Landing Page Testing in Action *Results may vary per brand/vertical. Test yourself! Geo-Targeted Landing Pages Copy & imagery customized to region Gender Landing Pages Experiences aligned with gender Dynamic Landing Pages Elements (images, layouts, content) change based on keywords, location, or prior visits Hispanic Landing Pages & Insights Experiences (language, layout & imagery) designed for Hispanics Mobile Landing Page & Insights Experiences tailored to mobile devices & associated behaviors 12% LIFT 41% LIFT 83% LIFT 420% LIFT 27% LIFT 17

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15 Copy/Creative: Testing i.e. achieve $X Cost-Per-Acquisition for Product Campaigns Uncertainty around the precise copy to establish relevancy with searchers Identify language that establishes relevancy with searchers, and increases CTR, decreases CPA “Quality” is the most relevant qualifier when referring to retailer’s product Copy Testing to let market determine winner FOR EXAMPLE:

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The New World of Organic Search Panda 4.0: Implications, Defenses & Opportunities May 20th organic algorithm update penalizing poor content, rewarding quality relevant content eBay has lost 2/3rd of its organic real estate Now, we take a Performance Content approach Creating engaging experiences that are awarded high rankings because they’re relevant to users Opportunity if you’re losing organic traffic Can also use paid search to compensate for organic loss

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Organic in Action

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Lead Gen Client: Results Organic presence led to an 14% increase in paid search CTR Paid search presence led to 50% increase in organic CTR Paid & Organic Domination Boosted Overall CTRs Organic Advancement Enabled Reduced Paid Investment 12% increase in applications Y/Y

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Driving Relevancy through Search Retargeting

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Questions? performics.com facebook.com/performics @performics Dan Malachowski Marketing Director, Content & Community Dan.Malachowski@Performics.com