That’s the Wrong Question

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That’s the Wrong Question Amy Vernon Co-Founder/CMO, Predictable.ly Predictive Analytics for News Publishers An introduction to Social Media Analytics

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Amy Vernon 20 years in newspaper journalism Miami Herald staff Pulitzer, 1992 Top female submitter of all time to Digg.com 15th most influential woman in tech on Twitter (Business Insider/Peer Index) Mommy, wife & Siberian Husky owner

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The aforementioned Siberian Husky

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What are you measuring? Traffic photo by Simon Forsyth via Flickr Creative Commons Social Media photo by Automotive Social via Flickr Creative Commons Graph photo by Jim Sher via Flickr Creative Commons

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Photo by rbbaird via Flickr Creative Commons

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Adding a Touch of Mystery Photo by miniyo73 via Flickr Creative Commons

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Where We’re Measuring Research from IBM SmarterCommerce / Graphic via Gartner

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Don’t Forget Dark Social Image via StarWars.com

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Don’t Fear Dark Social

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Stop Chasing Shiny Objects Photo by PurpleLorikeet via Flickr Creative Commons

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The Conversation Prism, 2008 From Brian Solis via Flickr Creative Commons

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The Conversation Prism, 2014 Via ConversationPrism.com

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That’s Nothing

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Check Out the Marketing Tech Landscape Via ChiefMartec.com

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And You Thought That Looked Complicated… Via ChiefMartec.com

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Why are you measuring? To Diagnose What works? What doesn’t work? To Prioritize What goes where? What money goes where? To Evaluate You need to know what ROI you’re looking for

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6 Steps to Measurement Steps shamelessly stolen (with permission) from Kami Watson Huyse Set measurable objectives Choose your metrics Choose the tools to measure those metrics Implement Analyze and present Adjust and repeat Image by Sam Teigen via Flickr Creative Commons

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Step 1 You need to be able to set an objective you can actually measure. This is not a goal, this is an objective. Your objective should be realistic.

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What’s a Realistic Objective? Goal: Increase traffic to and pageviews on website. Unrealistic Objective: Increase traffic and pageviews by 200% in the next month solely using Facebook and Twitter. Realistic Objective: Increase pageviews by 25% year-over-year, over the next six months using internal analytics and a mix of paid, earned and owned marketing.

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Step 2 Wordle based on “The 6 Most Important Web Metrics to Track for Your Business Website”

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Choose Your Metrics Carefully What are the metrics you need to measure? Vistors Pageviews What kind of traffic is the “right” traffic? New vs returning visitors Time on site Bounce rate Pageviews per visitor Factors behind last year’s traffic

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What Social Sites Matter to You Image By Kathleen Donovan via Flickr Creative Commons

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Be Where Your Audience Is Be Where Your Audience Is Photo by Scoobyfoo via Flickr Creative Commons

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Not Where You Want Them To Be Photo by Jez Arnold via Flickr Creative Commons

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Step 3 Photo by OZinOH via Flickr Creative Commons

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Steps 4, 5, 6 Reminder: Implement Analyze & Present Adjust & Repeat Photo by Novartis AG via Flickr Creative Commons

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