2015 Top Trends in BI

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January 7th 2015 2015 Top Trends in BI

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BI at an Inflection Point 2 BI Industry Changes Socioeconomic / Tech Trends Shrinking of Traditional Vendors Rise of Data Discovery Industry Consolidation Big Data IPOs Social, Mobile, Analytics & Cloud Convergence Rise of SMBs The Digital Generation / Millenials Shifting Tech Budgets

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2015 Top Trends in BI 3

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BI Meets UI/UX UI /UX has driven the consumerization of IT UI / UX is fundamental to delivering accessible and intuitive BI tools Digital Generation will not tolerate poor UI / UX UI / UX talent will become increasingly important 4 1

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Analytics for the Mere Mortal Mere mortals want intuitive ways to do these things on their own: Wrangle data from multiple data sources Analyze data on their to discover insights and create visualizations Apply MBA-level analysis and your proprietary analytics Create reports and dashboards … but all too-often fall back to spreadsheets because BI tools do not meet their needs BI tools need to provide far greater functionality in more intuitive ways 5 2

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Social Curation Efficiently determines the relevancy of user insights based on familiar tools like voting, favorites, likes and comments Leverages feedback to organically uncover the most relevant and popular insights Especially important for organizations who do have the luxury of being supported by a dedicated IT or BI team 6 3

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Big Data is…Data Data architecture will be a mix of big, medium, small Big: data stored and analyzed on multiple machines Medium: typical SQL DB and DWs Small: spreadsheets Users don’t care if it’s “big” data Focus on business problems will determine needs Reference architectures and cloud will drive rise in adoption 7 4

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BI Outside the 4 Walls Businesses are no longer “self-contained” entities Value is derived by sharing operational data with suppliers, partners, and customers 8 5

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Embedded Everywhere Deep integration of analytics with application workflows: Improves user experience Increases user adoption Differentiates your commercial application 9 6 Customer Timeline & Journey ENGAGEcx Dashboards and Reports

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The Disruptive Information Economy All businesses have the opportunity to disrupt their industry and create new business models based on data Data about a transaction can be more valuable than the transaction itself Internet of Things will be an enabler of this transformation 10 7

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