Visualising Data with Code

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Visualising Data with Code Ri Liu

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Data Visualisation Science Data Science Computer Science Statistics Art Creative Coding Cartography Graphic Design Information Design Journalism

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Drawing D3 Graphing (generated) Tableau Processing Highcharts p5 Many Eyes Nodebox Raphael Gephi (network) Sigmajs (network) Two.s CartoDB (mapping) Paper.js Mapbox (mapping) Snap.svg D3 generators (C3, Bokeh)

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Enter/Exit Scales closethegap.studiometric.co http://www.jeromecukier.net/blog/2011/08/11/d3-scales-and-color/

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Force directed layout ri.id.au/twitter-gender ri.id.au/network-diversity-simulation

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Streamgraph foreignaffairs.com/infographics/2015-10-15/china-not-rogue-donor

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Transitions motion-data.studiometric.co

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1. Look at the Data

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2. Make an Ugly Graph

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3. Ask some questions Which countries are the best/worst for gender equality? What is the difference between men and women in each country? Which countries have improved/worsened throughout time? How do countries compare in gender equality?

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4. Get Inspiration

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5. Play with ideas

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5. Refine & Publish www.ri.id.au/closethegap

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studiometric.co twitter.com/riblah meetup.com/Data-Visualisation-Melbourne

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