Visual Data Representation Techniques: Combining Art and Design

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Visual Data Representation Techniques: Combining Art and Design

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What is data visualization?

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Creatively representing data using design elements to enhance data readability and understanding.

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Why represent data visually?

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To ease data interpretation for all

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94% content viewership depends on images

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90% information transmitted to brain is visual

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12% growth in web traffic with infographics

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Sharing visual data is faster

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Upload infographics on Visual.ly and Pinterest Get an infographic made now

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Use Slideshare for business presentations Get a presentation created now

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To ease the task of trend spotting

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Google Analytics for detailed web insights

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Helps recognize patterns in financial reports

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To make complex data simpler

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Online tools enable chunking Big data

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Data is converted into meaningful stories

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Visual techniques To Represent Data

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Re-design conventional pie-charts

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Translate data into real-world objects

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Scale shapes to depict numbers

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Use suitable fonts to uplift headings

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Add more visual elements than text

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Re-create maps for location-based data

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Define change with colors and gradients

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Highlight statistics, make them bigger

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Use photographs to personalize data

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Add lines for networks and timeline

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