Hacking Gender Diversity

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Hacking Gender Diversity

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Token Man is an initiative to give men a better understanding of the challenges women face when in the minority

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Emma Perkins ECD LoweOpen Georgia Barretta UK Design Director Geometry Global Daren Rubins CEO PHD Media Michael Brunt CMO & MD, Circulation The Economist

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What we have learnt so far

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1. Women don’t always choose to stay at home or give up their career. Employers need to do more to help women maintain their careers.

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2. Unconscious bias comes in many forms and holds us all back. Diversity of thought and diversity of perspective.

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3. Childcare and Flexible working isnt a Womens issue its a Parenting Issue. Culture of agile working

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4. Its not enough to say I employ the best person for the job. If you do not intentionally include, you unintentionally exclude.

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5. Lack of Empathy is a key factor in driving the gender divide. Be inclusive in your conversation and behavior.

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6. There is a Gender pay gap and a Gender equality gap in our industry. Men and women to learn from each other when it comes to Negotiating.

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7. Create an environment where women can thrive. If you create trust and support in the workplace you get better results. .

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8. A male, pale and stale management team acts as a barrier to diverse talent. Send a message about the inclusivity of the environment you work in.

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9. Remove convention for how talent enters our industry New ideas won’t come from everyone hiring the same people from the same places.

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10. How can we involve more men in the diversity discussion? Just ask them! We need allies.

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Become a hacker ”

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“A hacker is someone who seeks and exploits weaknesses in a computer system or computer network.” Wikipedia

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Hack = To cut or chop with repeated and irregular blows Wikipedia

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Culture Hacking

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Hacking = A State Mind

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Always looking for ways to make thing better Openness to new ideas Curiosity to learn and teach Not being afraid to fail Collaborative mindset

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‘Bring a member of the opposite sex’ 50% tickets for men, 50% tickets for women Don’t speak or judge on a panel unless it is 50:50

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CKS HA With  Daren  Rubins   November  2015

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Setting  the  Scene   • Culture  at  PHD   • 84%  “Able  to  balance   work  and  personal   life”   • Top  20  Best  Company   to  Work  For   • 2014  No.  18   • 2015  No.16  

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CKS HA • High  proportion  of  women   on  Board  and  at  most   senior  level     • Rising  female  talent  given   fair  opportunity  to  shine   and  grow     • Supporting  the  cause  –   WACL  &  Omniwomen Championing  Women

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CKS HA • Returning  parents   • Flexible  working   • Working  parents   Committee     Championing  Parents

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CKS HA • Diversity  training   planned  for  2016   • Maternity  coaching   • Personal  &  confidential   support   Championing  Diversity

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Michael Brunt CMO & MD, Circulation The Economist

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THANKS tokenman.org @Token_Man

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Reverting to type: The waning grip of a passing generation ”

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This is broader than gender. The diversity debate is part of the battle for creativity ”

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Convention and Institution no longer monopolise the access point to our industry

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The value of the feminine is about to be nurtured in… the female

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Corrective surgery for the company profile

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