What’s Your 2016 Career Plan?

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What’s Your 2016 Career Plan?

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It’s the fourth quarter of 2015 now. It’s time to start thinking about your 2016 career plan. Luckily, it’s easy to do. Let’s walk through the process!

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First question: is your current job still the best job for you? If you love your job, and are learning something new every day, that’s magnificent! If you can keep learning and growing your flame throughout 2016, then your best career plan may be to stay in your job.

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This is Career Option One: Grow Muscles in Place What does it mean? Growing Muscles in Place means staying in your job with a specific plan: To learn specific new things To gain new resume fodder (stories about your accomplishments, and) To grow your muscles and mojo!

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No! My job is not growing my flame! That’s okay! There are two more Career Options to consider. If you know you want to change jobs in 2016 (or if you’re job-hunting now) you can start planning for your 2016 job search. Preparation is the key to a successful job search!

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What kind of planning will I do? You’ll start by deciding what you want to do next in your career. Once you are clear on your new career direction, you’ll brand yourself (in your Human-Voiced Resume) for the jobs you want.

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You’ll be ready to go! Career Option Two is to Launch your 2016 Job Search! Of course, you won’t waste time pitching applications into faceless, mojo-sucking automated recruiting portals. You’ll job-hunt a different way!

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How will I job-hunt? You’ll conduct research on each of your target employers. You’ll reach your own department manager directly with your Human-Voiced Resume and your Pain Letter (sort of like a cover letter, but much more powerful) through the mail!

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What’s Career Option Three? You can begin planning to launch your own consulting business – either part-time alongside a full-time job, or full-time. Career Option Three is called Build Your Two-Lane Highway!

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Why does it have that name? One lane of your Two-Lane Highway is your full-time job or your job search. The other lane is your consulting business – the one whose launch you will start planning now!

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How will I decide which Career Option to choose? Ask yourself these questions: Is my current job making me happy, paying me what I’m worth and growing muscles for me professionally and personally? Could I learn more and earn more working somewhere else – or working for myself?

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Once I decide on my 2016 career plan, what should I do? First, you’ll create your plan. Then you’ll work your plan, step by step!

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How will I learn how to take these steps? If you like, we can help. We are Human Workplace, a publishing and coaching firm. Human Workplace is an international movement to humanize work - with millions of followers around the world!

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How could Human Workplace help me? We offer fun and mojo-building Four-Week and 12-Week Virtual Courses. In a Four-Week or 12-Week Virtual Course, you’ll learn the steps to reaching your 2016 career goals!

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Which course should I take? If you’re not sure of your next career direction, check out the Four-Week Virtual Course Set Your Career Direction or the more in-depth, 12-Week Virtual Course Reinvention Roadmap.

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I want to know how to job-hunt a new way! If you want to learn how to job-hunt without wasting time and mojo on automated applications, check out the Four-Week Virtual Course Get the Job You Deserve or the more in-depth, 12-Week Virtual Course of the same name, Get the Job You Deserve!

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I want to learn how to start a consulting business! Check out the 12-Week Virtual Course Launch Your Consulting Business!

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I want to make a plan and hit my 2016 goals! Check out the 12-Week Virtual Course Jump-Start Your 2016 Plan!

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