Empowered People & Resilient Brands

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Empowered People & Resilient Brands

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The Collaborative Economy By Jeremiah Owyang Feb, 2014

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The Collaborative Economy 4

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Phases of Internet Sharing The Collaborative Economy 5 From Altimeter Research: The Collaborative Economy, 2013, Jeremiah Owyang

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What role do corporations play if people get what they need from each other?

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The Collaborative Economy An economic model where creation, ownership, and access are shared between people, and corporations. The Collaborative Economy

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Is this a business disruption?

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Sharing Is Not New

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Need to travel… People Can Tap into Each Other 10

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Lyft enables crowd to be transportation – avoiding taxis 11

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Need a place to stay… 13 People Can Tap into Each Other

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AirBnb Enables Crowd to be a Hotel 14

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Need to get funded... People Can Tap into Each Other 15

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LendingClub enables crowd to be a bank 16

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Need staff… People Can Tap into Each Other 17

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oDesk enables crowd to be a workforce 18

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Need to dine… People Can Tap into Each Other 19

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Feastly enables your neighbors kitchens to be a restaurant 20

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Need a place for staff… People Can Tap into Each Other 21

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Liquidspace enables companies to rent from each other 22

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Need products and goods… People Can Tap into Each Other 23

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Yerdle enables neighbors to gift goods - rather than buy 24

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Need a Good? People Can Tap into Each Other 25

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White House to host a Maker Faire 26

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A properly shared car is $270,000 Lost Revenue Of auto sales (1 shared car = 9 cars at average of $30k each.) The Collaborative Economy 27

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It means people are EMPOWERED

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Is this a passing fad?

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The Collaborative Economy 30

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Societal Factors

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Population 1975: 4 Billion 2050: 9 Billion Economic Factors

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Technology Factors

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A movement that’s only increasing

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How can Companies achieve Resiliency?

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Collaborative Economy: Value Chain

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Collaborative Economy: Value Chain

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Brand as a Service

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Toyota as a Service

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Home Depot as a Service

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Razors as a Service

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Beauty as a Service

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44 Marriott “Office as a service” builds prototype of purpose-built co-working & meeting spaces in Seattle-area hotel. Marriott takes a strategic approach to reaching collaborative workers with work-oriented suites, co-working spaces, project rooms, meeting rooms and event spaces.

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Mobility as a Service

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Collaborative Economy: Value Chain

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Marketplace Models

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Patagonia enabling second market and altruism 48

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49 Toms launched an online marketplace carrying products that incorporate giving back. Toms is providing one marketplace for social entrepreneurs and like-minded customers to buy/sell products in one place. There are over 200 products from 30 different companies currently offered.

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Collaborative Economy: Value Chain

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Enable a Platform

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Co llaboration

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Fund Design Develop Produce Deliver Store Market Co The Collaborative Economy

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Co-Fund new products like Kickstarter 54

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Add uhaul crowdfunding U-Haul creates U-Haul Investors Club, allowing crowdfunding for their company. U-Haul Investors club creates a hybrid of traditional corporate notes and social lending by offering U-notes, which extend financial benefits to the crowd and helps increase loyalty. U-Haul creates U-Haul Investors Club, allowing crowdfunding for their company. 55

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Co-Design products like Nike 56

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Co-Develop like Quirky 57

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Co-Customize Like Etsy 58

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Co-Production with 3D Printers

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Nokia enabled 3D printing of phone cases

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Co-Storage of Products with Lockitron 61

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Co-Deliver with Taskrabbit 62

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Barclays offers BarclayCard Ring, a credit card designed and built by community crowdsourcing. Card community members can propose ideas and vote for ways to make the card better meet their needs. The community collectively discusses ideas and evolves the card together. The Giveback program allows members to share in the profits of the credit card program. 63

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Collaborative Economy: Value Chain

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People are empowered to get what they need from each other. The crowd is becoming like a company –bypassing inefficient corporations. Corporations must use these same tools and strategies to regain relevancy. This requires business model change: product > service > marketplace > repeat. The crowd will become the company, making corporations resilient. FIVE FINAL TAKEAWAYS:

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Let go of your business model to gain the market

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What side of history, will you be on?

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Crowd Companies Empowered People & Resilient Brands Jeremiah Owyang Chief Catalyst, Founder @jowyang [email protected]

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Empowered People & Resilient Brands