OECD Foreign Bribery Report 2014

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First attempt to undertake an evidence-based analysis of the crime of foreign bribery. Findings should better enable governments and businesses to combat corruption in international business. Analysis of concluded foreign bribery enforcement actions between entry into force of Convention (15 February 1999) and 1 June 2014. Analysis limited to sanctions for foreign bribery and related preparatory or participatory offences against 427 individual and corporate defendants. Original judgments/settlements available in 58% of cases, many unknown elements in data set. Context + Methodology

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Enforcement of foreign bribery laws

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How and why are bribes paid?

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What is the cost of foreign bribery? On average, bribes equalled 10.9% of the transaction value and 34.5% of the profits. In 41% of cases, sanctions ranged from 100-200% of the proceeds of the corrupt transaction.

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Proposals for both governments and business to enhance the fight against foreign bribery, building on findings of the report. Scope for further, in-depth analysis and additional horizontal studies to build on this first attempt to measure foreign bribery. Potential for using this model to analyse other forms of corporate crime. Conclusions + Next Steps

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Thank you Find out more about the work of the OECD to combat foreign bribery: www.oecd.org/corruption