6 Rising Stars on Best Career Advice

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New York Women in Communications introduced the WiCi Awards in 2013 to celebrate the career achievements of rising stars across the communications landscape, from advertising, public relations and marketing to broadcasting, digital and social. The 2015 awards will be held on September 24 (tickets available here). This SlideShare curates what the six 2015 honorees shared about the best career advice they ever received.

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“Just do it! Action is crucial. The best antidote to fear is taking one small step toward your goal every day.” − Carrie Hammer CEO, Carrie Hammer

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“Trust is at the foundation of everything we do…be mindful of every interaction’s ability to build or erode trust.” − Katrina Craigwell, Director, Global Content and Programming, GE

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“My father always said to practice the golden rule and treat others as I’d like to be treated.” − Jolie Hunt Principal, Hunt & Gather, Inc.

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“Ask forgiveness, not permission. There are times when it does pay off to throw caution to the wind.” − Jessica Bennett Journalist & Editor Contributor, The New York Times; Columnist, Time.com; Contributing Editor, Lean In

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“Put your head down and get it done – and do it well.” − Genevieve Roth Senior Director of Special Projects Glamour Magazine

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“It was on a card, ‘Wake up. Rock it! Repeat.’” − Penny Abeywardena Commissioner, Mayor’s Office for International Affairs

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Maria Ungaro, Executive Director •  Register here to attend the WiCis •  Join NYWICI or learn more, visit us at www.nywici.org Kim Kelleher, President, NYWICI •  Follow NYWICI on Twitter at @NYWICI Linda Descano, President, NYWICI Foundation

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