Technology Trends Shifting Customer Behavior

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Technology Trends Shifting Customer Behavior Why technology is changing the way we think, buy and communicate. Kyle Lacy Head of Marketing Strategy OpenView Venture Partners

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What do I do? I am a marketer. I’ve written 3 books. Head of Marketing Strategy OpenView Venture Partners Previously at ExactTarget & Salesforce @kyleplacy

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trends vs reality INBOUND15 @kyleplacy

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what’s next? INBOUND15 @kyleplacy

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what’s now? INBOUND15 @kyleplacy

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Moments Mobility Audience Effect Data at Scale Cloud Computing Machine Learning Humanizing Automation Trends Shifting Consumer Behavior @kyleplacy

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1 Moments Matter @kyleplacy

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INBOUND15 @kyleplacy

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Photos by Seth Casteel INBOUND15 @kyleplacy

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INBOUND15 @kyleplacy

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2 Mobility @kyleplacy

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75% INBOUND15 @kyleplacy

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(Millward Brown, 2014) Americans now spend 151 minutes per day on smartphones, more than on TV or laptops @kyleplacy

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(Google, 2015) 66% of all time spent on ecommerce sites is done across a mobile device

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Photo by lzf, iStock Photo Photo by lzf, iStock Photo 1 in 5 searches on Google are related to location. (Google Data, Global, March 2014) INBOUND15

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(Millward Brown, 2014) By 2017 there will be over 20 billion connected devices. @kyleplacy

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Mobility is seamless. INBOUND15 @kyleplacy

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@kyleplacy INBOUND15 @kyleplacy

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@kyleplacy INBOUND15 @kyleplacy

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@kyleplacy INBOUND15 @kyleplacy

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Mary Meeker 40% of global mobile users have a smartphone. INBOUND15 @kyleplacy

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60% INBOUND15 INBOUND15 @kyleplacy

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There is still massive growth potential for smartphones. INBOUND15 INBOUND15 @kyleplacy

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@kyleplacy @kyleplacy INBOUND15 @kyleplacy

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@kyleplacy @kyleplacy INBOUND15 @kyleplacy

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@kyleplacy @kyleplacy $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ INBOUND15 @kyleplacy

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3 Audience Effect

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Whoever owns the audience… owns the experience.

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$678B INBOUND15 @kyleplacy

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$178B INBOUND15 @kyleplacy

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$90B INBOUND15 @kyleplacy

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$68B INBOUND15 @kyleplacy

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Eric Schmidt, Chairman, Google Most people think our main competitors are Yahoo! And Bing. It’s actually Amazon. INBOUND15 @kyleplacy

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via ben-evans.com INBOUND15 @kyleplacy

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Scott Galloway, NYU Stern Over the last nine months Amazon’s shipping costs have gone up more than 40%... INBOUND15 @kyleplacy

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Scott Galloway, NYU Stern Their shipping fees were $3B, but they spent almost $7B on transportation costs… INBOUND15 @kyleplacy

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INBOUND15 @kyleplacy

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INBOUND15 @kyleplacy

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INBOUND15 @kyleplacy

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@kyleplacy @kyleplacy #mixwest14

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34,000 cities 190 countries 1 million listings Over 30 millions nights booked The Power of Airbnb @kyleplacy

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5 Big Data @kyleplacy

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5 Big Data Data at Scale @kyleplacy

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Courtesy of Alex Tellez + Amy Wang + H2O Team INBOUND15 @kyleplacy

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one. Moments Matter INBOUND15 @kyleplacy

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Dan Ariely, Professor at Duke Big data is like teenage sex… everyone talks about it, nobody really knows how to do it, everyone else is doing it, so everyone claims they are doing it.” @kyleplacy

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6 Cloud Computing @kyleplacy

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Om Malik Cloud computing has changed how startups are built and companies are scaled. @kyleplacy

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INBOUND15 @kyleplacy

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Data contains information of great business / personal value. If you can extract those insights from the data, you can make better decisions. The Hope of Big Data Predicting future stock movements = $$$ Netflix movie recommendations = better experience = $$$ @kyleplacy

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7 Machine Learning @kyleplacy

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Machine learning is the technology that automatically finds patterns in your data and uses them to make predictions for new data points @kyleplacy

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INBOUND15 @kyleplacy

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INBOUND15 @kyleplacy

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Our technology application generates news stories, industry reports, headlines and more – at scale and without human authoring or editing @kyleplacy

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INBOUND15 @kyleplacy

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8 Humanizing Automation @kyleplacy

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David Walmsley We must move from numbers keeping score to numbers that drive better actions. @kyleplacy

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Analytics should be worshipped Content should (and will) be personalized Understand industry trends People are paramount Don’t underestimate your community Tracking the Trends @kyleplacy

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You are not marketers. social media managers engineers content experts writers technologists INBOUND15 @kyleplacy

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You are experience makers and managers. INBOUND15 @kyleplacy

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The experience is the only thing that makes you relevant. INBOUND15 @kyleplacy

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What do I do? I am a marketer. I’ve written 3 books. Head of Marketing Strategy OpenView Venture Partners Previously at ExactTarget & Salesforce @kyleplacy