The Future of Meetings

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3,200 customers (60,000 users) 150 countries 3 languages

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1 billion sq ft of function space 600,000 events created 63 million attendees impacted

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Learning Zone

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The Economic Significance of Meetings to the U.S. Economy, CIC Study, PwC, 2012

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Frost and Sullivan, “A Survey of Meeting and Event Planning Professionals and Hotel Operators,” June 2013

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Frost and Sullivan, “A Survey of Meeting and Event Planning Professionals and Hotel Operators,” June 2013 Special Events Magazine

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Meeting planners will be more strategic than ever.

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Meetings will be smaller and more intimate.

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The number of meeting planners will continue to rise.

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Source: eMarketer, April 2014 Face-to-face interactions will be even more coveted.

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F&B will be replaced by more efficient supplements or synthetic alternatives.

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Live events will be an important source of revenue for the most meaningful companies.

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Experiences will be more common and more expensive.

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The industry’s current processes as we know it will be obliterated.

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Event logistics will be automated.

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Event apps will no longer exists.

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Learning Zone

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There will be no cash at events.

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Group business will be booked mostly online.

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Hotel sales people will become meeting consultants.

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Most events will have a virtual audience. 1990s 2010s 2030s

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Events will be crowdfunded.

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Content will be crowdsourced.

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Our industry will be embrace transparency.

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Hotels will do mostly group business.

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Everything planners need will be available on-demand.

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Meeting space will be more commoditized than ever.

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Events will mostly be indoors or under covered structures.

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The travel industry will continue to consolidate.

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Meeting and event planning companies will begin consolidation.

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Workshops for exchanging knowledge will be the key component at meetings.

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Meetings will not have education because content will be available online.

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Meeting planning will be a more organized, respected, and common practice.

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Event software will be free.

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There will be a subscription model for events.

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Free events will be expected by consumers.

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Attendees will discover events and sessions that are right for them.

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Networks at hotels and events will be a target for hackers.

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Rooms will be setup automatically with robots.

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Attendees will meet the right people and no business cards will be exchanged.

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