Personal Branding: 10 Practical Tips

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Personal Branding: 10 Practical Tips Mel Carson ~ @Delightful ~ @MelCarson

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An Effective Brand is WAY More than a Logo

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Defining Brand, Seth Godin A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another. “ “

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Brand is Experience!

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Brand is Experience!

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Brand is Experience!

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Brand is Experience!

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Ultimate Goals for Your Personal Brand!

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27% of Time on Social Media Source: Experian Marketing Services c

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Personal Branding Sweet Spot

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The Science of Great Content = AURA The DNA of successful and enduring digital content has FOUR main elements: AUTHENTIC RELEVANT ACTIONABLE USEFUL

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Own Your Own Name Buy your domain name and build a website you own and control.

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Invest in a Professional Photo https://blog.photofeeler.com/perfect-photo Data from Photofeeler.com suggests a professional profile photo can make a better impression.

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Make Your Out of Office Work Harder Add links and calls to action. Make it stand out from everyone else's!

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Create a Social Media Ratio ~ Balance Pro & Personal 60% 40% Balance your social profiles between professional and personal. Show you have a personality and a life as well as your work smarts and wisdom!

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Be Thoughtful About Your Bio on 3rd Party Sites Add relevant links to speaker and author bios to drive more discovery of your personal brand.

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Label Your Photos With Your Name for SEO Mel-Carson-Delightful-Communications.jpg Mel-Carson-Digital-Marketing-Speaker.jpg

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Add Social Channels & Messages to Your Emails

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Make Your Business Cards Stand Out Business cards are not dead! Design them clean and uncluttered. Always have them on you and use them to tell a story as you hand them over that helps make the interaction memorable.

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Make LinkedIn a Living Profile LinkedIn is no longer a job/resume board. Publish content and share/update like you would Facebook but keep it professional!

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Be Social By Design, Link Channels & Repurpose Content

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Success Measurement

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Success Measurement

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Success Measurement

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Success Measurement

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Success Measurement

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Delightful’s Credentials 15 years of global integrated marketing/digital PR experience Speaker, blogger and published author Former Microsoft Digital Marketing Evangelist. Early-adopter who helped spearhead Microsoft’s foray into Social Media & Digital PR back in 2006 Has spoken about digital, search and social advertising and marketing at over a hundred conferences around the world Ran event social media strategy and execution for Microsoft at 4 Cannes Lions and 3 Advertising Week NYC events Fun Fact: Played the “Young Joe Cocker” in the music video “N’Oubliez Jamais” alongside French cinema icon Catherine Deneuve Mel Carson is Delightful Communication’s Founder:

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Thank you! @MELCARSON www.DelightfulCommunications.com