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CHRISLEMA THE CLIENTS OF OUR CLIENTS Getting past our fears; Focusing on Education

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CHRISLEMA Can I tell you a secret?

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CHRISLEMA The problem with those mops? It took more time to clean the mop than to use it.

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CHRISLEMA Nobody likes the angry mom look.

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CHRISLEMA The fears we hold inside impact our life choices. - @chrislema

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CHRISLEMA Everyone is afraid of something.

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CHRISLEMA The problem with our fears? Our imagination creates larger consequences than reality.

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CHRISLEMA If we admit to having fear, we can learn to work despite it. -@chrislema

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CHRISLEMA • We don’t know enough. • They’ll be fired. • The project won’t end. • They’ll miss the deadline. • We won’t get more work. • The project will fail. • We’ll get sued. • The project won’t end. • The client will keep calling. • They’ll run out of money.

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CHRISLEMA Our natural response, in the face of fear, is to protect ourselves – so we collaborate less and regulate more.

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CHRISLEMA Every client has a client. Instead of coding to spec, our goal should be to delight our client’s clients.

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CHRISLEMA Our goal should always be to delight our client’s clients. -@chrislema

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CHRISLEMA When I was a kid, our internet was in books.

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CHRISLEMA Over the 8 year period where the Yellow Pages lost more than a third of its entries, they were still being pitched to small businesses. Hard.

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CHRISLEMA To delight our clients’ clients, we need to expand our horizons. -@chrislema

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CHRISLEMA Know much about call tracking?

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CHRISLEMA Know much about lead tracking?

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CHRISLEMA Know much about lead generation?

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CHRISLEMA Know much about CRMs?

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CHRISLEMA Know much about marketing funnels?

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CHRISLEMA Know much about Google Local Search?

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CHRISLEMA Know much about A/B testing?

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CHRISLEMA True courage isn’t the absence of fear. It’s being honest with yourself, even when it’s difficult, and moving forward despite fear.

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CHRISLEMA Ask great questions. Expand your horizons. Be a constant learner. Educate your clients. Delight their clients.

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CHRISLEMA CHRIS LEMA CTO & Chief Strategist Crowd Favorite http://chrislema.com

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