5 Ways Your Business Should be Maximizing LinkedIn

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5 Ways Your Business Should Be Maximizing RIGHT NOW! @NealSchaffer

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If you’re overlooking LinkedIn, your business is ignoring the largest social network for professionals – and decision makers.

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Whether you’re seeking introductions to decision makers or more clients for your business, LinkedIn can help you get there, but only if you use it right.

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Overhaul your LinkedIn presence! Use these 5 proven strategies to maximize your reach on LinkedIn.

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Overhaul your LinkedIn presence! Use these 5 proven strategies to maximize your reach on LinkedIn. PLUS get my free ebook at the end of this SlideShare!

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1 Makeover your profile

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Every activity you do on LinkedIn will generate a link back to your LinkedIn profile.

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Review your LinkedIn presence and make sure it shows you off in your best light.

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Refresh your LinkedIn photo – and make it professional, please!

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Update fields to showcase new skills and new accomplishments.

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Solicit Recommendations from past colleagues and clients who can praise the work you’ve done.

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2 Grow and groom your network

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Professionals at every level should have a broad network on LinkedIn.

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Your friends, colleagues, past coworkers, classmates, and professional association members make good network connections.

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As LinkedIn becomes more popular, there are more fake profiles. Evaluate any new connection for legitimacy.

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Create a LinkedIn connection policy that makes sense for your business objectives and stick to it.

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3 Add Skills and Endorsements

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If you’re using LinkedIn to grow your business, you’ll want to add Skills and Endorsements that reflect your skill set.

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Once you add Skills, you’ll find that LinkedIn Connections start to Endorse you for those skills.

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Having these additional votes of confidence will reflect positively on your business, so use LinkedIn Endorsements to your advantage.

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Consider Endorsing connections whose work you can vouch for.

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All it takes is a small social signal that can create a ripple effect of goodwill.

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4 Take Your Pulse

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Dive into Pulse to stay engaged and in the know in your industry. Use it as your personalized “Wall Street Journal” for your professional life.

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Connect with content creators in your niche, track trends, be the first to know about the latest news, and stay on the cutting edge when you track Pulse.

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Pulse also offers the option to see content by Publisher, Channels, and Influencers or top minds in our society.

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If you see something that interests you, it might also interest your network, so why not share it with them?

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5 Share

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Cultivate a habit of sharing content with your Connections to stay engaged, maintain ties, and promote both a personal and professional brand.

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Sharing can be as simple as…

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Sharing can be as simple as… • posting the latest business statistics • sharing a story that you found on Pulse • letting your network know about your latest professional achievements

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By taking a few minutes to share to a tidbit of news, and making it a consistent habit, you will truly maximize your reach on LinkedIn.

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Want MORE actionable tips on how to implement LinkedIn strategies for your business?

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Then get your FREE copy of “Maximizing LinkedIn for Business”!

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Then get your FREE copy of “Maximizing LinkedIn for Business”! Click to grab your FREE ebook!

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