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TAKING YOUR BUSINESS… INTO THE FUTURE November 2015 Gina Schreck - President, SocialKNX @GinaSchreck

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In the Beginning…We Got Connected And Never Looked Back @GinaSchreck

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Google Gave Us Search in the Mid-Nineties @GinaSchreck

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Apple Made Us SMART @GinaSchreck

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WWW Whatever information we want Wherever we are Whenever we want it @GinaSchreck

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Digital Darwinism: When Technology is Advancing Faster Than People Can Keep Up @GinaSchreck

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1: 3 Will Be UnEmployable in the next 5 years Because they can’t (or won’t) evolve @GinaSchreck

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“If today’s social tools are not in your blood it is difficult to imagine their power and use them for good.” ~Avinash Kaushik, Digital Marketing Evangelist for Google @GinaSchreck

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Leaders Must Start Holding Their Teams Accountable for Embracing Today’s Tools or They Will All Go Down Together @GinaSchreck

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“If you don’t cannibalize yourself, someone else will” ~ Steve Jobs @GinaSchreck

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STATE OF SOCIAL MEDIA 7+ Billion People 6 Billion have mobile phones 4 Billion have flushing TOILETS! 1.5 Billion on Facebook 78% of Facebook Users on MOBILE 380 Million on LinkedIn – 107 Million in US 320 Million Twitter Users 100 Hours of Video Uploaded to YouTube every 60 SECONDS! @GinaSchreck

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DIGITAL NATIVES are those 35 or younger. Don’t necessarily LOVE technology, but don’t know a world without it. @GinaSchreck

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Digital Immigrants are those over 35 who have to decide whether to enter and embrace this new digital world or stay behind and become extinct @GinaSchreck

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You Might Be a Digital Immigrant @GinaSchreck

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Let’s Get On Board @GinaSchreck

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Building Your Power Brand with Today’s Tools @GinaSchreck

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EXPERT Great Resource TRUSTWORTHY Who Will Others Say You Are? @GinaSchreck

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Twitter Best Practices @GinaSchreck

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Follow Smart People Share Smart Content Build Smart Relationships @GinaSchreck

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Facebook Best Practices @GinaSchreck

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Connect with Potential Clients (when appropriate) Follow Business Pages of Clients & Prospects Build Relationships @GinaSchreck

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LinkedIn Best Practices @GinaSchreck

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Be FINDABLE (add keywords to your profile) Be ACTIVE (update, post, like other’s content) Be CONNECTING (add new people to your contacts weekly) @GinaSchreck

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Use the Right Tools to save time and sanity @GinaSchreck

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Sprout Social or Hootsuite (Manage) Flipboard (Currate) Pulse (Currate) Evernote (Jot post ideas) @GinaSchreck

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Tools to Watch Blab Snapchat Facebook Notes & More @GinaSchreck

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Be Adventurous @GinaSchreck

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