The Perfect Timetable for Remote Workers

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8am - 8pm Your Timetable for Remote Working

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3.7 million employees (2.5% of the workforce) now work from home at least half the time.

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Some of them are your friends.

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Some of them are your employees.

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And some of them... are you.

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Today you had a good day. Here’s how you did it.

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8:00-9:00 You hit the ground running.

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20M people in the UK have the right to work remotely.

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You might be one of them. When you don’t have a commute, you don’t have a wasted hour.

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Over breakfast, you reviewed yesterday’s webcast, plus the attached notes. The breakfast was leisurely. But the webcast demanded focus.

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9:00-10:00 You planned for peace.

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In the office, interruptions control you. At home, you control them. You’ve got six meetings. No different to your colleagues. But you checked everyone’s calendars. And amalgamated them into three. Win-Win.

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10:00-11:00 You made your presence felt.

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Videoconferencing tells you so much more than audio. Mood and body language weren’t lost. You understood the story beyond the minutes. Confidential… but still secure. All you missed was the coffee.

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So you made your own coffee.

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11:00-12:00 You wrote up minutes. In seconds.

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You’re a good note-taker.

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But instead of taking notes, you annotated the conference. As it happened. To distribute the notes? You hit send.

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12:00-14:00 You did some blue-sky thinking.

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Product launch to plan, presentations to build. You get ideas in the park...

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So you went there. Without ever losing contact but still enjoying your own leisure time.

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Time for lunch.

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14:00-15:00 You enjoyed a lunch break.

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You set aside an hour to relax in a tranquil environment and eat a healthy homemade lunch whilst still connected.

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15:00-17:00 You multi-multimulti-tasked.

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Some do two things at once. Some three.

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But with Unified Communications, You message groups while whiteboarding, teleconferencing, and checking a slideshow. And you’re not even breathing hard.

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17:00-18:00 You travelled far.

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From the park

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to the café

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to the kitchen.

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All while in conference with Tom, Alexandria, and Nigella.

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18:00-19:00 No commute creates important headspace.

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As the office clears, You know that your colleagues are attempting their commute home. 75% will have to do it on a packed train. That’s time well saved.

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19:00-20:00 You had cocktails in New York.

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The Manhattan office went out for lunch, you have an international remit so the New York client called you instead. Client was impressed at your flexible working.

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All this work contributed to something even better. You finished your day’s work, in one day. That’s why remote workers are 13% more productive.

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The rest of the day is for your family, friends or hobbies. Conferencing, collaborating, and communicating aren’t just for work. Enjoy your downtime.

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Takeaways Remote working isn’t just for part-timers. Flexible working lets you work internationally. Effective day planning makes you more productive.

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