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The Toughest Interview Question Of All …And How To Answer IT!

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For me, one of the the toughest interview questions of all is: What is your greatest weakness?

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It is not an original or particularly good question, but one that can trip people up So here are some strategies

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Strategy 1: Avoid the answer completely Instead, focus on the skills required

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Strategy 1 Example: “This is a difficult question to answer. Of course, we all have certain strengths and weaknesses. When I applied for this job I assessed the key skills I would need to perform well. For me, this job requires the key skills of X, Y, and Z and I feel that I have all of those. With my new role will come new responsibilities such as X, and in my previous job I have had limited opportunities to fully develop these. However, I am a fast learner and will focus on developing these areas.”

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Strategy 2: Talk about minor and irrelevant and weaknesses

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Strategy 2 Example: For example, if you are applying for a job as a gardener, you might say that you are struggling with public speaking.

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Strategy 3: Avoid general statements

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Strategy 3 Example: Instead of making general statements such as ‘I am bossy’ you might want to qualify this to specific situations along the lines of ‘When there is a lot of pressure on a project I can come across as bossy’.

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Strategy 4: Talk about past development success

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Strategy 4 Example: “No body is perfect. I am always interested in keeping my skills up-to-date and seek out constructive feedback. In my last job I noticed that my social media skills were not as good as they could have been, which made me book on a training course. Now my social media skills are so good that I help to coach others in that area in my company .”

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This overview was put together by Bernard Marr, Founder and CEO of the Advanced Performance Institute. Bernard Mar is a bestselling business author, keynote speaker, strategic performance consultant, and analytics, KPI & Big Data guru. Read Bernard’s blogs: LinkedIn Influencer Blog Big Data Guru Blog Connect with Bernard on: LinkedIn Twitter Facebook Google+ YouTube Advanced Performance Institute For more articles, white papers, case studies and much more visit the Advanced Performance Institute Knowledge Hub © 2014 Advanced Performance Institute, BWMC Ltd. All rights reserved.