Grooming For Success

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You only have one chance to make a first impression.

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You DON’T want to be this guy.

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What should you do?

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Your hair must be kept tidy and elegantly-styled. Gentlemen, keep it above the collar line of the shirt Wash it, comb it, keep it away from your face Use hair gel or wax as needed, but sparingly

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Aim for a fresh, healthy appearance for your makeup. Keep it light and subtle – never overdo it Apply carefully and evenly

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Shave regularly. Trim your nose hair & eyebrows Clean the hairs off your ears and neck

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Shower daily and keep your entire body clean. Clip your nails & always wash your hands Use soap & ensure you smell nice Apply only light nail polish & maintain from chipping

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Establish a skin care regime. Use a toner & moisturising cream Wash your face daily & wear sunscreen Sleep well, eat well, smile! ?

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Take good care of your teeth. Brush 3 times a day & use mouthwash Visit the dentist 2x a year for cleaning & dental checkup Carry breath spray & check your breath after every meal

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Dress professionally. Dress conservatively & comfortably Always be neat Wear a genuine smile ?

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Embrace the healthy lifestyle. Drink moderately or avoid it altogether Eat a balanced diet Avoid smoking & other vices Water, water, water!

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Sleep well. Sleep early, get up early, and exercise Ensure you get 8 hours of sleep every day

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