Twenty trends for 2020

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Twenty trends for 2020 . Twenty trends for 2020 . the decade’s defining forces

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The inventor of the world wide web, Tim Berners-Lee was in Sydney a few weeks ago and said “I never make predictions on trends. That’s for fools.” I am that fool. We’re in a time of great technology change, and of social and economic change as well. These are creating trends that will define our communities and businesses over the rest of our decade. This is not just about technology, although those changes are going to have great effects on society. Where technology is made is the beginning of this. Tim Berners-Lee

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Proudly designed in Dandong Japan lead the way over the 1950 and 60s where their products were seen as substandard. Eventually they moved up the supply chain and today Japan leads the world in many manufacturing and design sectors. We’re now seeing that in Korea with Samsung, LG and others leading their markets. Next is china part of what is driving this is China’s aging population, there’s a risk that will become old before it becomes rich. sex imbalances as well Chinese governments are aware of this and recognise the need to move up the value chain quickly.

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aging workforces This is not just a Chinese problem, it is also one for southern Europe, Russia, North America and, most of all Japan

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Trends and cycles Gartner hype cycle

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robotics and automation The Japanese response has been increased automation, so now we’re seeing companies releasing new equipment that works autonomously. We thought machines would look like robots in Lost In Space. Better than human – Kevin Kelly Will a robot take your job? – Gary Marcus Robots and robber barons – Paul Krugman Myth of the jobless recovery – Matt Yglesias The end of labor – Timothy Noah

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internet of machines computers, and robots talk. the social media enabled jet engine Internet enabled fridge

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the reinvention of entertainment – kinetic, google goggles, AR older technologies like Radio and movies morph around these new technologies in a crowd while alone in our room movies and theatres have always been a social experience Noah Zerkin

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The role of cash Payment systems Sorting out payment platforms Brad King – speaking Africa ..

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Noise of the internet Big Data, big brother -- Described as a Buzzword tsunami we are going to have to deal with this.

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the flat organization the cult of responsiblity responsibility back in fashion the death of the corporation – I’m joking but we’re going to see a major change

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NOT business as usual