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The strength in us lies in being who we are.

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It’s fine to work on that school assignment as well as the strategy deck. It’s just called balance.

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Just wear anything that makes us smile at the mirror as we leave every day. With confidence.

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Tears are our ally. Our expressiveness. Reaching out for that tissue box does not make us more vulnerable. Far from it.

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I had always thought my strong emotions were my weakness. Till I realised that that is what makes me sensitive to most issues. To get under the skin of my team-mates, clients and intuitively understand.

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To be a silent persuader is a skill. After all most boardroom battles are won through poise and negotiation skills rather than open confrontation. 

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Late hours over that campaign does not necessarily mean  effectiveness. We can work from home. That’s what technology has empowered us to do.

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Start that network off at work. Where one woman helps another. Could be for that school pick up you have to miss. Or that baby sitting one evening. Really helps ease our lives.

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Have time for those breaks. Whether it is that salon break, or the long vacation.

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Cultivate mentorship. Nurture the new.

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Never give up. Commit passionately to the profession. There will always be a solution. Sometimes sabbaticals or short breaks end up being longer than we expected. If we love our work, we will find a way out. 

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There’s never a day when I have stopped loving my work. When I have had to trade off between work and people I love. Happy Women’s Day. Let’s celebrate ourselves. And make things happen.