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Stand Out to Get In BrandMirror #standoutgetin @BrandMirror

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#standoutgetin @BrandMirror

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Key Insights to Standing Out #standoutgetin @BrandMirror

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What is a brand? VOLVO APPLE NIKE #standoutgetin @BrandMirror

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What is a personal brand? Richard Branson Oprah Bono #standoutgetin @BrandMirror

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“We are CEOs of our own companies: Me, Inc.” -Tom Peters Why do I need to stand out? #standoutgetin @BrandMirror

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#standoutgetin @BrandMirror

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Discover Design Differentiate #standoutgetin @BrandMirror

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WHERE ARE YOU? WHERE ARE YOU GOING? #standoutgetin @BrandMirror

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#1 Look in the “Mirror” Offline “In Person” Online “Digital Brand” YOUR BRAND #standoutgetin @BrandMirror

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State Of You Assessment 1 2 3 Score Yourself Total The Points Assess Your Brand #standoutgetin @BrandMirror

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How are you showing up? Structured Creative Strategic Architect Conductor YOU AUDIENCE Structured Insight Communication Direct Team player #standoutgetin @BrandMirror

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Do a Digital Inventory #standoutgetin @BrandMirror

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#2 Define Your Brand DNA #standoutgetin @BrandMirror

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#3 Be Consistent #standoutgetin @BrandMirror

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Perception IS Reality #standoutgetin @BrandMirror

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Discover Design Differentiate #standoutgetin @BrandMirror

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#standoutgetin @BrandMirror

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#4 Make Your Signature Storyboard #standoutgetin @BrandMirror

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Coach Entrepreneur Unique Promise of Value Gutsy leader committed to enabling others to live their passion and deliver on their unique promise of value through structured ways to move the needle on their brand and their impact. Front Line People Manager (Operations) Product Management Chief of Staff #5 Define Your Promise #standoutgetin @BrandMirror

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Put Your Story Online #standoutgetin @BrandMirror

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Show Evidence of Your Brand #standoutgetin @BrandMirror

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Discover Design Differentiate #standoutgetin @BrandMirror

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#6 Stand Out to Get In #standoutgetin @BrandMirror

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4 Key Elements to Your Digital Brand 3. Are the right people seeing you? 1. What should you talk about? 2. Does it matter? 4. Will people care & share? #standoutgetin @BrandMirror

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Who is out there now? #standoutgetin @BrandMirror

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Who needs to see what you create? #standoutgetin @BrandMirror

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Out of Sight, Out of Mind #standoutgetin @BrandMirror

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#7 Create Value, Create Opportunities #standoutgetin @BrandMirror

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#8 Timing is Everything Visibility Calendar #standoutgetin @BrandMirror

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#9 Make It Easy to Share & Re-purpose Tweet LinkedIn Groups Blog Facebook Company Blog Company Tweet Email #standoutgetin @BrandMirror

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#10 Give, Give, Get #standoutgetin @BrandMirror

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Ways to Monitor and Listen Google / Alerts LinkedIn Sprout Social Competitor KLOUT YOU #standoutgetin @BrandMirror

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3 Things to Do Right Now 1 2 3 #standoutgetin @BrandMirror

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First 3 to Email Free Consultation Jen Dalton [email protected] #standoutgetin @BrandMirror