Enterprise Social Collaboration:From NAB to Change Agents WorldwideSimon Terry@simongterry

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Enterprise Social Collaboration: From NAB to Change Agents Worldwide Simon Terry @simongterry

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Evolution of A Responsive Culture Who? What? How? Why don’t we? Value Trust Empowerment Agility Your Yammer Network is critical infrastructure for a responsive culture

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Finding People Across Silos Not all communication happens in Yammer Source: NAB

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Sharing Information on Work Working Out Loud Answering Queries Clarifying Strategy

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Improving Customer Experience Source: NAB

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Solve “Kaizen is about changing the way things are. If you assume that things are all right the way they are, you can’t do kaizen. So change something!” - Taiichi Ohno Photo: Toyota Manufacturing Corporation

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Engaging an Advisory Board Source: sidekicker.com.au

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Managing Client Projects Responsively

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Innovate “The entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity.” - Peter Drucker

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5 Mindsets of Social Collaboration Source: http://simonterry.tumblr.com/post/75026842782/

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Getting Started Connect Champions & Communities Encourage Working Out Loud Ask People to Solve Problems & Experiment Track Progress to Strategic Goals

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Questions? Who? What? How? Why don’t we?

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