3 Reasons to Buy Rite Aid

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3 Reasons to Buy Rite Aid

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3 Simple Reasons to Buy Rite Aid 1- The company is clearly making considerable progress in terms of business turnaround and financial performance 2- Long-term industry tailwinds and growth opportunities 3- Rite Aid is attractively valued in comparison to bigger peers such as Walgreen and CVS Caremark

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Rite Aid is clearly moving in the right direction - Store base restructuring - Cost controls - Increased focus on healthcare services - Building customer loyalty - Same-store sales increased 5% in April, signaling strong demand

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Source: Rite Aid

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Source: Rite Aid

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Source: Rite Aid

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Industry tailwinds mean growing healthcare demand in the long term - Aging population - Generics wave and technological advancements of different kinds in the industry - Broadened healthcare insurance coverage

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Source: Rite Aid

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Significant growth opportunities - Store base expansion - Wellness remodels - Loyalty programs and discounts to attract customers and consolidate the company?s competitive position. - Growing portfolio of pharmacy services

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Net profit margin: moving in the right direction with ample room for continued improvement

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Rite Aid is valued at a considerable discount versus CVS Caremark and Walgreen

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Foolish takeaway - Rite Aid is making a lot of progress over the last several years, both operationally and financially - Strong secular tailwinds for the industry - Growth opportunities at the company level - The company still has room for improvement in terms of profitability when compared against peers such as Walgreen and CVS Caremark - Higher profitability would merit a considerably higher valuation, so Rite Aid still offers substantial potential for gains

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