What We're Talking About When We Talk About Innovation

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Everybody is talking about it.

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But WTF is it?

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How does it differ from creativity?

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And where does it belong in advertising?

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Innovation is new.

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New can be risky. Very risky.

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And business doesn’t like risk.

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New can be is risky.

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And there’s no manual for how to do new.

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New seems to start with an idea.

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An idea that will be all yours when it fails.

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And everybody else’s when it succeeds.

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New starts with an idea.

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An idea that actually solves a problem.

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An actual (real) problem.

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Ideas are unproven. They live in our minds, not in the world.

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And they always involve risk.

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Because they always demand change.

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70% of the companies that were on the Fortune 1000 list a mere ten years ago have now vanished––unable to adapt to change.

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Change is a fact of life.

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So, just how do you have ideas that will drive change?

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Everything that now exists was first an idea.

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An idea that was captured in a story that depicted a future of how things would be if we asked “What if?”

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Once upon a time…

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The End

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